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Magicka: Incredibly Fun

Wickzki | Jan. 8, 2012 | Review of Magicka Collection - PC

This is a great collection for those of you who are interested in fantasy action role playing games. The good: Incredibly addictive magic system which is done in a different fashion than other RPGs on the market. The storyline is an enjoyable blast with numerous real-world mentions for those of you interest in pop culture (I'm an Arts student and did a pop culture unit so it was a big perk for me!). Finally, the co-op holds a lot of promise and plays out very well. The bad : Large battles may leave you unable to keep a close eye on your health bar - so be wary! Sadly, the biggest knock is that it is buggy. The auto-saving function is annoying and could be done much better. Well worth the savings. I highly recommend this game.