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Wimwicket | Aug. 26, 2012 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

I was positively surprised by Sleeping Dogs. Hong Kong looks amazing, especially at night! Lights everywhere and with the high res texture pack even better. For me it runs fine at maxed settings @ 1920x1200 (GTX 590+i7 2600K). The dialouge and voice acting is fantastic and the story is pretty great aswell. Combat, and especially the melee combat, is great. A bunch of combos you can do and it feels really fluid. And just to respond to some of arkantos critisism I disagree on a few things. The driving system takes some getting used but is fine, as long as you don't move the mouse to much while driving. Hard to earn XP because you're hitting things? That goes for the Cop XP which I had maxed long before Triad and Face, so I did not personally see that as an issue. The cost of items is easily bypassed by doing some car theft missions via your phone, some cars get you over 100.000 HK$ and they're really easy to do. So some negative things. The camera while driving isn't too great, works well when you're not moving it with the mouse though. Would've liked some better keyboard+mouse optimization for menus etc. Otherwise great game!