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Fantastic game that puts the "strategy" in RTS

WinTurkey | June 8, 2013 | Review of Wargame Airland Battle - PC

Nowadays when people think RTS they think Starcraft or Company of Heroes, games which rely heavily on APM (actions per minute) and rote-learning build orders for maximum efficiency. Wargame doesn't do that, it doesn't demand fast reflexes or min-maxing construction, it requires you to understand unit synergy, positioning and cooperation with your team. At the same time this isn't a simulator, concessions have been made to make gameplay more fun. Like the name suggests, Wargame is best described as a virtual miniature war game, giving you the best of tabletop hills and painted tank models without the high price or extremely slow paced. The developers themselves are a dedicated bunch, releasing patches on a near-daily basis and listening to community feedback. The previous game, European Escalation, received several packs of free DLC, I expect the same to be with Airland Battle. The only letdown is the singleplayer component. While the AI is competent enough it cannot rival a human player, the campaign while fun against another person isn't entertaining enough solo. This is a multiplayer game first and foremost, if the idea of fighting 10v10 battles across the sweeping hills of Scandinavia using authentic ColD War weaponry appeals to you then jump right in without hesitation.