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Can't really go wrong

Wouldyoukindly | June 26, 2013 | Review of Rome Total War - PC

Don't let a few historical stretches and inaccuracies(looking at you Egypt) deter you from this game. For one thing, the fun of commanding your infantry and stomping the ever loving crap out of an enemy can be a blast. If you like to have a much deeper tactical experience than a lot of base building RTS'. Unfortunately, the online play is kind of stagnant. For the most part it's just unit spam with not a lot interesting going on. Finally, the modding community is massive and well established. If there's some way you'd like to change the game, there's a mod for that and you have to give CA the credit for never having a problem with you doing it. You'll never forget the first time you watch elephants charge into infantry and send them flying 20 feet in the air.