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An enjoyable but tedious game

Wowoet | Nov. 21, 2013 | Review of Prince of Persia - PC

A decent game that's worth picking up especially for those who enjoyed the Sands of Time trilogy. The characters are well voiced and likable coupled with a decent story, though I find the trilogy is much better. The gameplay is very easy though so don't expect a challenge. Major focus is on platforming collecting light shards in order to unlock the next area. Collecting all is optional but a certain amount is required to move the story by unlocking areas. Enemies are sparse and are mostly 1 on 1 and can simply be defeated easily by pushing them at the boundary of the area. The game later adds variety in combat through quick-time events and also by giving enemies a 'shield' that you must use specific action (grab or magic atk) to dispel it before you can damage enemies. There are 'powers' to be gotten but they're merely used to access different areas which are necessary to complete the story, not in combat. Overall, it's enjoyable enough with its platforming, gorgeous environment, and characters. However, it can be tedious trying to collect enough light shards just to get on with the story.