Reviews by WraithFluX


A blast from the past

WraithFluX | April 15, 2014 | Review of Praetorians

As a huge fan of Commando series (and anything Pyro devs came up with) back in the day, I remember waiting eagerly for this game to release. It broke the mold of conventional RTS games which focused on base building and resource gathering more than the actual strategy itself. Pyro threw all of that stuff out of the window with Praetorians, and deliberately broke down the RTS formula into its single, fundamental element....the battle strategies!

This made the game highly action-oriented and challenging. There is no base building or resource gathering, you just control the soldiers in your pack and rely on battle strategies to win the game. Each and every soldier can be controlled individually, so there is lots of room for careful and minute planning and execution of your strategy. Combined that with the 3D graphics (which were not ground-breaking, but pretty good-looking at that time), easy controls and addicting gameplay, it became one of my favorite strategy games of all time. Though the game has its fair share of problems and glitches, fundamentally the game is fun enough for me to recommend it to every strategy game fan out there. Do give this a try!


Hair-pulling, controller throwing yet AMAZING experience

WraithFluX | Dec. 27, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (NA)

Dark souls, this is an art in the form of a game. It makes you cry, it makes you laugh, it makes you swear in frustration, it makes you proud and it makes you throw your controller away, and it can make you go through all of that in just 10 minutes. Dark souls was the first PROPER RPG game that i got into, and man am I glad to play this game.

To tell you about the game, its a fairly long, rewarding experience. The dark lore, the elegant gameplay mechanics and the world around you, all look simple on first look, but are deep and well thought out.

You start off as a man or woman with a broken weapon and some clothes, and are thrown into a boss fight mere minutes after the start of the game, but by the end you become a god. And the progression is so smooth, you don't even realize it.

Gameplay-wise, its standard RPG affair of kill enemies to earn souls (the currency of dark souls), that can be used to level-up or buy things from merchants. The twist here is that everytime you die (which you do, A LOT) you lose all the souls that you have collected, and the only way to get them back is to go to the location where you died and pick them up. This simple concept adds the much-talked about "punishing" aspect of the game, since death is very common. Add to that the aggressive, sometimes horrifying enemies, with every area ending with a fight against gigantic boss, and you have a difficult game.

The weapons are some of the best I've seen in RPGs. They are believable yet unique and each weapon has its own quality that differentiates it from other weapons. On top of that you have shields (which IS A MUST FOR NEW PLAYERS), magic spells, miracles and pyromancy. Too many things to choose from, and you constantly keep switching them since different situations demand different equipments.

Graphically, game looks okay-ish. Textures are bad at some points, and its a sore to the eyes if you do not use DSfix mod, but nothing that will put you off from playing the game.

Multiplayer in this game is unlike anything I've ever seen. It is proper sword-to-sword dueling over the internet, which is hard to find in today's games.

I would've given it a perfect score, had it not been for the very poor and lazy port that the devs decided to release on PC. It uses GFWL, so prepare yourself for some very frustrating disconnections and other internet issues.

And if you are buying this game (which I hope you do), good luck, and prepare to die!