Reviews by Wrayman


Gets boring before long

Wrayman | June 9, 2013 | Review of Sanctum - PC

This game is good fun no doubt when you have a group of friends to play it with but even with a group you'll get bored soon. Despite the amount of levels available I couldn't help but get a sense of each one being too similar. The combination of both first person shooter and tower defence does offer a different experience to what you may be used to with the usual FPS games (team deathmatch, capture the flag etc.) so it may be worth playing for a bit of change but don't expect to get hours and hours of fun out of this game. That said, it is cheap, and the price is often reduced so if the idea of the combination does float your boat then it could potentially be worth a buy.


Good (Hard) Combat Game

Wrayman | June 9, 2013 | Review of War of the Roses - PC

I am certainly a very big fan of the Mount & Blade series so I was looking forward to playing this game which concentrates completely on the combat. It's a great looking game with a variety of scenery from famous battles of the period. The game can be very hard to get a good score for new players giving it some challenge but once you've got into it and have mastered the combat mechanics you'll be able to compete in each game you play making it a much more enjoyable experience. There are a variety of exciting possibilities with the different game modes which keep the game from getting boring although you'll no doubt find your favourite modes and play them to death anyway! So overall I'd say that this game is worth a play especially for the price you can get it! Although don't expect to be able to jump in a game and win it from the start, it is not easy!