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Very nice game!

Xelibrion | June 30, 2014 | Review of Sniper Elite 3 - PC

Is it better than V2? Yes, definitely. So, what's changed in Sniper Elite 3? Here's a random list of improvements: - Maps are now more open, with multiple paths and multiple sniping positions. - Stealth works as it should, you can stealth though most of the game if you so desire. And every mission can be completed without raising any alarms. - You can hide dead bodies. - You can use foliage to hide yourself. - Relocation mechanics - move often to confuse the enemy. - Health regen is gone. That's right, medkits and bandages are back. - The highest difficulty setting is pretty much free of any handholding. No minimap, no more color-coded vehicle weak spots. Now you have to figure it out by yourself. - Sound masking now works as it should. Everything loud enough can be used to mask your shots, even grenade explosions.



Xelibrion | June 30, 2014 | Review of Assassins Creed 2 Deluxe Edition - PC

This game takes what was in the first and adds so much to it. Several locations, varied mission types, frustration and joy all in one. The setting for this game, reneissance Italy, lends itself extremely well to the game. It's the perfect time and place for an epic story. And this game brings it. I mean, really, it has got to be one of the most engaging stories I've played through in a video game. The mechanics are fun too for the most part, albeit they could have made the controls a little better on the PC version. There really is no need to hold several keys down at once to perform an action. But that in itself is a small mishap and is quite easy to get used to.