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A short trip, but well worth it!

Xeneize395 | Jan. 26, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

I've been wanting to play this game for quite a while now, as I've read that the storyline was pretty damn good. So I finally picked it up a few weeks ago and it was well worth the purchase! The story kept me going forward and wanting to play it more. This was strange to me coming from a shooter being that shooters haven't really had much to offer in form of a good plot line without it involving terrorists and a missing nuke. Now, I know that's the case with most first person shooters and not so much third person, it's still a military shooter non the less; it being that style of game, I didn't expect a plot like this and I couldn't be happier that it was! The gameplay itself is mediocre. The same mechanics that one is to expect from a third person shooter is to be expected here. Run to cover, pop out and shoot, take blind shots, repeat. Occasionally you'll get to use a stationary machine gun and there's a few parts where you shoot from a moving vehicle. Visually the game is quite nice looking. About the same as most games out. The lighting when you're outside makes for some nice eye candy. Audio sounds are okay. Your standard gun sounds and footsteps, etc. The voice acting (to me at least) was great. I felt that every character was rightfully cast and the chatter between your squad mates was perfect. Slowly watching their attitudes and ideals change as the story progresses was really well done. The enemy chatter...not so much lol. All in all, great game, but maybe not at $30. If you're like me. It was roughly about 7-8 hours long and $5 to me for that length sounded just right. I had no interest in the multiplayer portion of the game and did not play the even shorter co-op neither, so I have no say in those to aspects.


Finally, an open world game that's not silly

Xeneize395 | Sept. 4, 2012 | Review of Sleeping Dogs (1) - PC

First, let me clear up what I mean by open world. When I say open world, I'm referring to games in the style of Grand Theft Auto and Saint's Row. Not in the sense of The Elder Scrolls, or Fallout. What attracted me to this game in the first place was what appeared to be a well written, gritty, Hong Kong police story. And that's exactly what it was. The good folks over at United Front sure as hell put out a solid game. Big thank you to the shakers and movers over at Square-Enix for picking up this masterpiece. The story line in the game may be a tiny bit predictable at times, but that's only to be expected out of almost everything made these days. Whether be it in video games, or in cinema. Regardless of those small parts in the plot, the story as a whole is very well written and even better acted. The voice cast chosen for the characters is phenomenal! In particular the voice actor for Jackie Mah who was dead on for that role. As you progress through the story, you become involved yourself. The characters come to life like in no other open world game. You want to continue and see what happens to Wei. Game play itself was great as well. They really made the game accessible to anyone and everyone. Though this might seem like a turn off to some, it's actually a good thing. Keeps the missions at a fast, cinematic pace without some players having to switch the difficulty. The fighting mechanics are very similar to that in Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City which adds to the fighting by making it feel almost like you're Jet Li. Adding to the brutality and no sense of mercy that Triads have been known for, the environmental attacks are brutal and awesome at the same time. Now, the guns. Though gun play isn't a major factor in this game, it is there, and it works just fine. Weapons are a little inaccurate at first but you end up getting a perk to help compensate. Driving is a breeze in this title! The cars seem to have a more arcade style of handling which is fine. Not many bad things (if any) do I have to say about this game. All the good things about the other games are mashed together in one title that plays wonderfully. This Hong Kong isn't too big and it's not too small. Some may complain about the absence of flying vehicles, but they're of no importance in this game. All in all, it's a great title to own. I really hope they support this game with added content towards the story and some background stories for certain characters. If you have a proper rig to run the high resolution pack, please do so. It makes the game look so much better. The only real complaints I have is the weird and awkward controls when using the mouse and keyboard. I just plugged in my Xbox 360 controller and it worked just fine. The music in the game is forgettable for the most part, but no where near as bad as GTA IV nor Saint's Row The Thirds soundtrack. There's also a lack of Canto pop which I found a bit disappointing. As well as no option to be able to play it with mostly Canto voice overs (which is understandable as most of the voice actors are Asian Americans, and in the case of Wei's voice actor - of Korean decent). Those are probably my only complaints. Now go! Buy this game! The Sun On Yee need you!


CoD zombies? Who needs them!

Xeneize395 | Aug. 14, 2012 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

When you've got a much more fun (and challenging) horde mode game right here! The "specimens" you engage are quite ugly and unique. The waves are generated not by the wave number you're on, but how many players you have. Having that feeling of being able to be overwhelmed early on is actually a lot more fun than it sounds! Tripwire did a great job in creating a fun co-op survival/horde game here. Tons of content and the ability to play user generated content adds to the replay value. Grab some friends. Grab some guns. Have some fun!