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An Amazing Experience

XiPaRiSiiTeiX | Feb. 10, 2014 | Review of Bastion Steam - PC

Bastion is a game that although may look a little off by triple A games standards at first glance is actually thrilling masterpiece. The art style of this game is very pretty I was very pleasantly surprised how beautiful the game looked when I was playing, with environments ranging from the lush green bastion to the dank murky darkness of the wall. The soundtrack is a thing of wonders that will be stuck in your head for days, one song in particular stuck with me as I wandered around the bastion taking a break from dispatching enemies with my hammer, and the best thing is there is a record player so you can kick back and relax listening to the amazing soundtrack while browsing the wares of one of the many unlockable buildings around the bastion. The gripping narrative is something of a spectacle in the game also as the narrator's calm, deep, soothing voice made me play the whole game over just to hear him again, telling a tale of a young boy on his quest to find out what exactly had happened to the once beautiful world they lived in. I wholeheartedly recommend this game, actually, stop reading this review. Go buy it, go on!


Nice Game

XiPaRiSiiTeiX | Feb. 10, 2014 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

Bioshock Infinite, is in my opinion overrated. The gunplay is boring at best even with the vigors I find myself using one and not changing because there is no point to. I also think that the game is a chore to play and any game that feels like work is no good experience. These views however are my own and from my personal experience with the game. The story is fairly interesting as I always wanted to know what was going to happen next but I did feel as though the game dragged a bit. The games' visuals are stunning to say the least and just looking around the world and taking it all in extended my playtime by at least an hour. The downside is however the gameplay, I was bored when I was playing, clearing out one room of enemies just to be sent to another room to clear them out as well. To conclude I would recommend this game to anyone even with my personal experience as the story was worth the hours of tedious gameplay and it is a beautiful game to play.


Simply Amazing

XiPaRiSiiTeiX | Feb. 7, 2014 | Review of Bully Scholarship Edition Steam - PC

Although the graphics may be a little outdated by today's standards and the lip syncing is a bit off this game is still an alltime favourite of mine. The part that shines the most in this game is the story. Rockstar outdid themselves by creating a game that would totally immerse it's players and giving them an experience they will love. You take on the role of 15 year old Jimmy Hopkins and as the name implies you are a bully, at this new school you will encounter several groups of stereotypical high school kids and do missions to earn respect amongst them all and work your way up the food chain. If you are thinking of buying this game and don't think it is worth the money then let me tell you that this game is still worth £30 and getting it for anything less is an absolute steal as you will have hours of fun even after you beat the main story.