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Beast of a Sequel!

YTFC | Nov. 5, 2013 | Review of Europa Universalis IV POST - PC

I got into this series about 2 or 3 years ago with EUIII, and while I spent probably hundreds of hours on EUIII, this game far exceeds its (already brilliant) precursor in graphics, game-play and execution. The new trade system makes far more sense with regards to distribution of power among provinces, since now the trade nodes are not set in a specific province and so you don't get one province that is worth an insane amount. The new retreat system works excellently. After an army is defeated, it will run away just about as far as it can staying in home territory, but is easily annihilated if they can't escape another battle for quite a while. Rebellions are much easier to dissipate than normal armies, as long as you have enough troops to defeat them in a battle. Compared to the previous games in the series, the transparency of the siege and battle mechanics is very refreshing. Especially with sieges, you can now make a fair guess at how much longer a siege is likely to last, allowing greater planning of strategies during wars. I cannot think of any glaring problems with the game, with one of my only bone of contention being the continued problem of 'blobbing' of big countries, where big countries can assimilate huge amounts of land with little problem, if carried out half-sensibly. However, this has been reduced as a problem by the new relations mechanics, where you can end up with a large coalition against you if you're not careful about where you expand. My only other problem with the game is the new monarch point system taking over progressing technologies, as I feel it's a bit too 'gamey' for such a sophisticated game. Money being invested seems a more accurate representation of this mechanic to my mind. The graphics, as I've already said, are much improved from EUIII, with the new troop animations being especially pleasing. In summary, this game is magnificent, being superior to its amazing predecessors in virtually every way. A must buy for anyone who considers themselves a serious strategy gamer, or anyone just looking for a challenging new game for their collection.