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A touching story and choices that actually matter.

Yahmig | Sept. 21, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

This is the first point'n'click game I've ever played because I don't enjoy this kind of game, but this one was a delight. I thought it would be one of those games where you're asked to save the world by choosing the ending A or B, to make you think your choices matter while they don't. I've never been more wrong. The game takes place at the beggining of a zombie apocalypse. Within the first minutes you realize that you have to make a lot of choices (wether they are trivial or extremely important) and you are a real part of the story and not a mere spectator. This is one of the two things I loved in this game : choices. This isn't just a feature of the game, created to make the playtrough less boring, it is actually a huge part of the gameplay. All the decisions you make are remembered so you have to be careful not to randomly choose between the different options. The second part of the game I loved is the story. Unlike the other zombie games, this one has a touching story, focused on the main character Lee, the girl he rescued, Clementine, and all the characters they'll meet during their journey. Your choices will change the story, and have an important impact on your allies and ennemies. In conlusion : If you're looking for a game with a great story, regardless of its gameplay, "The walking dead" is a wonder you must play. In this game you won't be bored during cutscenes and dialogs because YOU are the main protagonist and YOU decide what is going to happen.


One of the best game of the past years

Yahmig | July 7, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition - PC

"Prepare to die". This game doesn't lie about this part. Dark souls is a hard game, this is true, but it is far from unfair. What makes Dark souls a brilliant game is that the difficulty is perfectly balanced. You need to be constantly aware of your environment to survive, and this awareness is rewarded by the many hidden treasures. Many weapons can be found throughout the game : spears, swords, curved swords, bows and wands among many others. Each of these weapons has it own playstyle, some are slow and crush your ennemy's armor, some are fast and cut the flesh open. You can choose a weapon that suits your playstyle the most because each of them has a unique set of moves. The campaign is long (50 to 90 hours for a first playtrough), with a "New game+" option ( you can start a new campaign with the same character and every monster of the game will be harder to defeat). You can also start a new campaign with an other character thanks to the many different playstyles you can try. Dark souls is a game you NEED to play if you're tired of these games telling you exactly what to do and how to play. Say goodbye to all those stupid tips that pop on the screen, or those GPS arrows showing you the way. Nobody need those things. You will learn by yourself while playing and this is much more rewarding


Challenging and well-made

Yahmig | July 4, 2013 | Review of Q U B E - PC

During the first minutes of playtrough, the only thing I could think about is how this game looks like Portal : white and clean testing rooms, we have no idea what we're doing here. But when tests start, Q.U.B.E proves it is not simply a Portal-like. It is way more that that. It has a huge potential, with a clever use of gravity and timing, and some testing rooms use these "tools" in a brilliant way. You start with easy tests, in order to learn the basics, then the game becomes more and more challenging, introducing new features and new ways of completing puzzles. If you like puzzle games, especially Portal, this game is something you should play. The game is short though, but the few hours you'll spend on it are higly enjoyable