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Well it's not terrible

Yobokkie | Nov. 5, 2013 | Review of Commandos Strike Force - PC

I feel bad for games like this but then again it's also the developers fault somewhat. They take a game series that had worked really well as one thing and try to convert it into something else. On it's own it's not a terrible game but being attached to the commandos brand means it's going to always be compared to the other games in the series. Those games were very innovative and challenging and even today highly regarded, so to take a few elements of that gameplay and put it into a rather generic shooter was never really going to work out. It's fun enough to play and the mechanics aren't terrible but it's just not commandos. To be honest, a game like Hidden and dangerous 2 does a better job of being a commandos FPS than this does with it's squad play, inventory management and different skill sets. If you've never played the original commandos or really don't enjoy hard core strategy games then this will be an inoffensive enough game to play through once, no more linear than most modern shooters and with a few new twists even. Graphics are not going to break your system and sounds are good. All in all an enjoyable enough shooter, just not a commandos game.