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You have to try it! Even if you are lonely wolf

Yokolobuna | Jan. 26, 2014 | Review of Left 4 Dead 2

I hate coop games... Random people don't cooperate, they rush forward and I cant enjoy every piece of game because I have to follow them asap. BUT I love L4D2! This game with brilliant gameplay surprised me. You cant go alone and search every room (like I like to do) and that is ok, tense atmosphere push you to keep moving with your teammates and you just have to cooperate otherwise you end up eaten by some ugly freak. Level design is phenomenal and replayability unlimited. Yes, sometimes you may be matched with team of braindead zombies, who think that the most funny thing is to slash you with axe but that is not problem of the game but players. You have to try it even if you are lonely wolf and other players make you angry. Its definitely worth it and you gonna enjoy every minute. I get it for free but Its absolutely worth your money. Try it! You wont regret. 9/10