Reviews by YousifOhEight


Not the best style of RTS

YousifOhEight | Oct. 16, 2011 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V Game of the Year Edition - PC

After playing many of The Settler's Games, I was given Civilization from a friend on steam, After 20 Minutes in the game, I began to misunderstand what was going on very quickly, I became lost in the world, and found it annoying the way turns were counted. A heads up to all RTS players, This game is built on hexagonal or pentagonal blocks, I have now come to forget which, and they are very annoying, only unlocking a certain amount at a time. For me this just did not do it, a game cannot be based on graphics no matter how magnificent they can make their water look... The movement and manipulation of actions/characters isn't all that well worked either, somehow large characters on a small zoomed out world just doesn't give the game that great RTS feel, where one is controlling and watching a society grow. This is something other cheaper/older games do much better, such as Settlers IV and Imperum Romanum. This game only gets a 51, it may have been drafted for a different audience and therefore I will not assess it purely as being a bad game, due to it reflecting it's own genre.


Spare time?

YousifOhEight | Oct. 16, 2011 | Review of Max Payne II - PC

Max Payne 2 continues the story of the first. The game is not too long and could be easily finished in hours, if you are dedicated. New features and combat movement has been incorporated into this version, but as an old game, it can't quiet compete with such stylings as Splinter Cell: Conviction. In terms of plot, it offers something many new games are beginning to lack, and if you're the type of person that likes to follow through with their objectives rather than just spray like a maniac, this game will surely make good use of your time. Regardless though, in my opinion, for the more modern gamers, if you enjoy this game, I would highly recommend checking out Splinter Cell: Conviction.


Medieval Sensation

YousifOhEight | Oct. 3, 2011 | Review of A Game of Thrones Genesis International - PC

What is to be loved about this game, is the freedom of camera movement, I start here, due to many newer games not having as much freedom as A Game of Thrones offers, this allows users to engage in the graphics much more immensely and also allows the capturing of the action as it is performed. The game may get very technical, but the tutorial helps to manage that by creating a more intuitive experience. The game may seem confusing at times in the campaign, but use of the minimap will soon become your greatest aid. The minimap is great to focus on as it allows you to determine the progress of your enemies and get you back on track if you have started to sway from your objective. In general it possesses all the characteristics of a great RTS game, mining, feeding, etc. Many hours will be spent on this game, though most of them will be in the tutorial!