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Zache_ | Aug. 24, 2013 | Review of The Bureau XCOM Declassified - PC

Loved XCOM: Enemy Unknown and when I first saw the trailer for this game i pre-ordered it at once. The first thing that you notice about this game are the graphics. Great looking scenes and environments, it actually feels like you're in a real secret army base, spaceship or whatever. It also really feels like you're in the 60's, the clothes, haircuts, huge computers, it's all great. Can only imagine what this would be like with the oculus rift. The gameplay is lovely. I really enjoy the change from 'god-perspective' (as in enemy unknown) to third person where i now can shoot like in an fps-game. The story is great aswell. Can't quite say i have ever been more into a games story as in this game. I really want to listen to everything everyone has to say as it's all interesting, and the letters that people has left all over the abondoned towns. The thing that makes my rating a 9.5/10 instead of 10 is the combat. As its now real time strategy and you have to shoot for yourself you can no longer craft the perfect strategic plan as in XCOM: EU. But it feels like a completely new sort of game which I would like to see more of. You also get alot of checkpoints after almost every fight, which makes you less careful, which I think is bad as you no longer fear that your agents might get killed, you simply just restart from checkpoint. TL;DR: If you're looking for the same kind of strategic combat as in Enemy Unknown, do not buy this game, it is very very different. But I love it, great story and great new kind of combat.


Great game, absolutely fantastic in 3D!

Zache_ | May 25, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

Im not a fan of comparing games in reviews, but the similarities of this game and GTA are the first things that pops up in your head while playing. The main difference is the city, which is Hong Kong instead of an american city, and there's not alot of guns, you mostly fight with martial arts. The fighting is great fun, but can get a little repetetative. Really nice animations and combo attacks. There are some flaws though. The driving is quite horrible. No where near the driving in GTA so i didnt really enjoy freeroaming in my car or bike. Another thing that i didnt like are the controls, some controls are bound to the same button and cant be changed, e.g. sprint/climb which will result in falling over edges at times when you accidentally sprint to close to it. But overall its a great great game and for the price its a nobrainer. And oh, its the best god damn game i have ever played in 3D, the city really comes alive in a way i have never seen in any game (using tridef 3D with a samsung series 9 monitor).


Fantastic game with a few flaws

Zache_ | May 1, 2013 | Review of Dead Island Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

At first glance the game looks amazing. Lovely graphics and environments and the zombies feel 'realistic'. In no other game have I ever had so fun just running around crushing skulls and chopping off limbs. The versatility of the weapons is great, though I feel firearms is hugely underpowered, but that doest really matter as melee weapons are a hundred times the fun! There are quite a bit of flaws in this game though. The first major flaw I encountered was the driving. It feels horrible. Weird acceleration and steering. I would've hoped for better driving to mash all the zombies with my car. Hopefully this gets fixed in Riptide. The other part I dont like is that it feels soooo optimized for console. Both the rendering and the controls. I play with a Razer Hydra so controls doesnt really matter for me. Overall the game is great, and when its on sale for ~5$ you have to get it! The Bloodbath Arena is great aswell. Much more fun than Call of Dutys zombie mode.



Zache_ | Dec. 5, 2012 | Review of SkyDrift - PC

Instantly jumped onto my list of my favorite top ten games ever. Feels just like Mario Cart airborne. Only negative thing i have to say is that it doesnt work well with M/K, but i play with joystick so that works out great! Really great price aswell!