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Not revolutionary, but fun way to pass time

Zahpeter | April 22, 2011 | Review of Rift Digital Collectors Edition - PC

On the shortage of MMORPGS that World of Warcraft has brought, Rift has appeared as a game that takes pretty much everything that is good in other games, while offering little in the aspect of innovation. The selling point, the actual rifts are there, and yes, are great fun. Once again you feel as a part of something great, not as a lone wanderer until max level. The graphics are indeed state of the art, while also not extremely demanding on older hardware. PVP on the other hand is mostly confined into tiny spaces, and Trion in my opinion has failed to deliver on the promise of bigger and better world pvp. Also quests are a VERY low point in this game, as most of them are just plain boring, and while somewhat related to the story, feel like a side quest in a RPG.