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An Old Classic with a Supportive Community

Zartemis | July 30, 2013 | Review of Final Fantasy VII - PC

Final Fantasy 7 was a massive notch in the series' bedpost, to work an analogy. It marked the series' step into the realm of 3D, and drew a massive fanbase. Some fans are rabid, as fanbases are wont to have their zealots. But underneath all that troublesome nonsense, there lies a solid game that was amazing for its time. The graphics haven't aged well, and it doesn't require a massive level of system mastery to put almost every gameplay aspect on cruise control, but the story is an experience that everyone should have. That said, this may not satisfy you for one reason or another. It did not do so for me, and were it not for a certain fact, I would not have repurchased this years after the release, let alone have been pleased with it. No, the reason this got a Steam version repurchase from me was FF7's modding community. I will not link the site here, for risk of this review being invalidated, but there is a forum out there DEDICATED to modding Final Fantasy games. Being the massive game this is, there is a massive section for Final Fantasy 7, and even with the re-release, it continues to be relevant thanks to these mods. They do wonders, from changing the textures of the characters and their portraits, to changing the difficulty of the game itself, altering monsters and even adding new ones. Rumors say even the story and FMVs are being edited. In conclusion, if you've never played Final Fantasy 7, it's a strong title in the series that holds up well. If it's graphics stopping you from playing, do drop me a line, or go looking on Google and find yourself the mods to make it enjoyable for you! If you've played Final Fantasy 7, and own a copy already, I can safely say this is a good purchase to make for the sake of modding it to Brisbane and back, because it's almost like playing a new game with familiar tastes of the old. Nostalgia is good, but nostalgia with a touch of something fresh is something every re-release should aim for.