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When it works.....

Zerhardt | June 2, 2014 | Review of Watch Dogs NA - PC

Watch Dogs on the PC suffers considerably from poor optimization as well as simply garbage coding. When not stuttering on a rig perfectly capable of max settings, crashes meet the unwary buyer. Quality wise when compared to the videos shown last year, the game graphically looks significantly worse, no way around it. That said, it is still quite impressive, but nothing in comparison what modders have accomplished in GTA4 or even CD Project have with the Wichter series. T When functioning appropriately, the game is a hell of a good time. The feeling of becoming a nigh digitally omnipotent over a city such as Chicago makes for a new take on the sandbox genre. The shooting while not spectacular, still offers moments of enjoyment. Driving suffers from being nearly cartoonish in execution by either being in cars suffering little to no visual damage form impact to handling like RC cars. Complaints aside the overall gameplay is still quite enjoyable.