Reviews by Zier2


Great job, lovely but it could be better

Zier2 | July 21, 2014 | Review of Farm for your Life steam - PC

OMG this game is just so awesome i love it, the 3D graphs are pretty simple some flip textures here, some easy huge polygon hair, they keep the environment and everything pretty good and simple, if we compare this game with games like harvest moon, in harvest moon sometimes it was mad annoying to harvest, or seed or wtv, here you just click the object and he will do the task, if you have multiples actions to do they will accumulate those task like put them in a line on the top of the screen like in the sims, pretty simple and enjoyable, the dialog of the characters is well constructed, it feels like classics RPG sometimes. I think this game developer still need to improve the game code like, when you talk to the first character, he get so close that it seem like he's kissing him, they could work a little bit more on the 3D models they seem chunky sometimes, but it’s a pretty and relaxing game, i think is a little bit too low for being a computer game but it could be an excellent game for ipad or iphone and androids. And come on, zombies + harvest moon + the sims. I like that idea.


Nice 3D but not so good in the gaming field

Zier2 | July 14, 2014 | Review of EVE Online Free Trial - PC

Well this is a mmo-rpg game, so if you're a shooter or someone who enjoy other kind of pvp games well this game is not for you, you start with making the "hero" idk how else call it, but basically its just a huge interface to customize your character which you will never see in the game and come on i mean who does need this it would be so much easier to just put a picture or something but as developer i would never do such a huge thing for something you will never be able to interact with in the game, i mean its not that you never watch your avatar but its like a prop for me. the environment its pretty awesome so many details and well its just gorgeous done, about the game well i don't really like to spend lot of time waiting for every jump that you have to do, you get money from mining and well destroy the other ships, i mean i like the concept but its not really something i enjoy so much, anyways great development, great interface, there's a lot of options and chooses to make. i don't really like it cause its mad slow, but i still think is a good game and it could be better. and i may switch the light a little bit there's a huge ratio difference in the light of the game which is quite not good for your eyes.