Reviews by Zikron


Tomb Raider is Relevant Again

Zikron | July 7, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

Tomb Raider's history has been marred by Lara Croft's rather busty figure and can contribute a lot of its success because sex sells. More attention was given to her and her fans lust for her than the gameplay or story and perhaps that was rightfully so as there was never a lot of depth to the games. This remake turns the beautiful, acrobatic/god-like Lara into a gritty woman trying to survive and it does it well. The story is one of survival with elements of exploration mixed in. The levels are linear, but they are done very well. Combat wise it is a cover shooter with a sprinkling of stealth. You often will reach battle rooms where you have to fend off several waves of enemies who come zip lining in from many angles. The story itself is rather lacking, there are basically two lines to follow, the history of the land as well as Lara and her friends tale of survival. Not very gripping but you learn a lot about Lara in the game so I look at it as a building block for what is to come. My only gripe with the game is the use of quick time events. Why developers continue to use QTEs boggles my mind. Most of the QTEs take place in the beginning of the game and are not nearly as horribly long as Resident Evil 5's but still annoying none the less.


Fails to Live Up to its Predecessor

Zikron | Jan. 27, 2013 | Review of The Darkness II - PC

The Darkness originally came out in 2007 where it was largely overlooked because it had to compete with the likes of Bioshock, the Orange Box and CoD4: Modern Warfare. However, it managed to have much more of an impact on me because of its compelling story that kept you on your toes and great character development. While I preferred the art style from the original game The Darkness II lends itself to the comics. The death animations are amazing, there is a leveling system and this time around you get a little demon that likes to relieve himself on your fallen enemies. Sadly these elements grow tiresome the longer you play luckily you won't be playing too long, about 5 hours. This short play through made the game feel rather rushed, concepts were not fully explored, the final boss battle felt premature etc. It would have been nice if the developer had considered having more of an open world like the original then filling it with side quests to prolong the game and encourage the player to do them to research new skills. In the end it is not a bad game but the original was so much better, it is a shame that it was never released on PC and even if it was the story would be ruined after watching the intro to The Darkness II.