Reviews by Zinzun


Only a pass as many others

Zinzun | Oct. 5, 2012 | Review of Darksiders II Season Pass - PC

As for Borderlands 2 (and for Assassin's Creed 3),the new trend is make this "season" pass where essentially you preorder (and pre-pay) future DLC. This one will gives you access to two future DLC,the Abissal Forge one and Lord Demon Belial one. The DLC are not out,so no ones can say if this pass it's worth it. My advise is:buy it if you enjoyed Darksiders 2,but whait if you didn't like it very much.This way there will be some reviews about DLC and so you can choose if buy it or not.


Good game

Zinzun | Sept. 25, 2012 | Review of Dungeon Lords MMXII - PC

This is a "remake" of an old games,the original Dungeons Lord. It's like a The First Templar with Dungeon Siege elements. The game is very long,about 60 hours. On solo can be boring but on coop it's definitively worth it.The graphics (also considering this is a remake) it's not so good,but it's not so bad too! Buy it if you have friends to play with!


Good action game

Zinzun | Sept. 25, 2012 | Review of Shank 2 - PC

Shank 2 is bsaically the same of Shank 1,but it's much way better. The developers removed overly hard sections (like the train in the first game) and focuses on pure action.In this sequel you can control two characters during the campagin (5 hours long),and several characters during the coop part of the game,that is very funny and challegingig.They removed the coop from the campaign,but the game is still worth it, much like the prequel.


Great action game

Zinzun | Sept. 25, 2012 | Review of Dead Space 2 - PC

The second Dead Space is not a survival.You have a tons of weapons and ammo,and the game is simplified insteed of the prequel. Except this,is very fun to play. If you want a real challenge,try to complete this on Zealot,where you have limited save and you can't die. Graphics are the same of the first Dead Space,and audio is very good. The single player campaign can be compelted in ten hours,but there is also a multiplayer co-op that you can try sometimes (nothing special).


Great survival

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Dead Space - PC

This game is a great survival.You are Isaac Clarke,and you must solve the "trouble" on ISG Ishimura,fighting tonnes of lethal enemies and surviving them. The story is very interesting (there are also an animated movie and a series of comic book to explicate it well),the graphic and sound are very good (on space no one can hear you screaming!) Buy this if you want a good survival,it's worth it!


Another good fps

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Medal of Honor - PC

So,I played this only on single player campagin,but the game is very similar to many other fps like Homefront,Call of Duty etc. The campaign is very short,about six hours,and on highest difficulty setting is very easy to clean each level. The story is nice but nothing special,graphics and sound are ok. For 5 euro,it worth it for sure.


Interesting game

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Spore - PC

So,in this game you must,essentially,create your own game universe. You must create different forms of life and confront them with the creatures created by other players. This is very funny for three or fours hours, but when you do it too many times it can be boring.The graphics are nice (cartoon style),the sound is good and the game is interesting,but buy it when it will be on deal,because replay value is low.


Good game

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Syndicate - PC

So is a reboot of the Syndicate saga, a 1990 strategy game, The single player campaign is quite similar to other fps campaign (six hours to be beaten),but the funny part of the game is the cooperative. With another three players you must clean every level accomplishing different objectives,defeating several enemies and,sometimes,bosses. It's not anything new but is fun.


Good and funny fps

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Bulletstorm - PC

This game made by 'People Can Fly' (the first and original Painkiller's developer) and Epic (Gears of War) is all about fun.The plot is nice,of course,but the gameplay is focused on killing enemies in different ways,achieving high points. The single player campaign can be finished in 6 or 7 hours,but is very funny and you will never be bored by the game.


Not a good sequel

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Crysis 2 Maximum Edition EU - PC

This sequel is not good as the original game was. First,the story is very poor and bad-narrated:you play like Alcatraz,a without-personality soldier that simply will follow every order they give him. The graphics are worse than the first game,and the gameplay is "on rail":you can't take alternate path or make your road to an objective.You must follow the main road until the end. The enemies AI is broken,they run into a walls or ignor you. Try this only for a few euro,because is not so good as the first was.


A good standalone expansion

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Crysis Warhead - PC

This is a standalone expansion of the first Crysis,and you will play like an other member of the original team,playing the same story from a different side (like Half-Life Opposing Force).The graphics are good as the original was,but the gameplay is more frenetic and the locations more suggestive. It takes about 10 hours to be completed,so is long too. Buy this if you loved the first game.


Great FPS

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Crysis - PC

From the makers of the first Far Cry,Crysis is a fps with similar mechanics (free roaming on a island,different approches to every situation),that adds the powers of your suit at the entire gameplay.You can become invisible,faster,stronger and more resistent to enemies bullets. The games is very long,about 15 hours,but you will have fun every single moment you play it.


Great game

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition - PC

This is one of the greatest RPG of the last decade.A lot of quests,great story,very good tracks...and the Ultimate Versions contains ALL the DLC,including Dragon Age Awakening,the first "great" expansion,that is about 30 hours long. There are also other characters like the Golem,and a little DLC,Witch Hunt,that takes place after the main game. Buy this,is a very good game and you never regret it.


Wonderful games

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Alice Madness Returns - PC

This is the sequel of American McGee's Alice.Is not good as the first game was,but is still a great game. You will take the role of Alice some years after the prequel:now Alice is an adult,living in an orphanage.She returns to Wonderland to discover something terrible about her past. Graphics are really good,nice to view,soundtrack is good but the "heart" of this game is the gameplay:if you play it on Nightmare,prepare for a true challenge.There are also bidimensional section,and the game is very long (about 30 hours on Nightmare).


An offline mmorpg

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning - PC

This game is basically a multiplayer massive online game...offline. So if you played games like World of Warcraft,Final Fantasy XIV,the gameplay is basically the same:a lot of quests,a nice story and a good graphic.Sadly there are many bugs that developers can't patch because theier studio is been closed. Good game if on deal,buy it if you like the genre.


Ugly game

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Dragon Age 2 - PC

So,the first Dragon Age was a great game.Many quests,many locations,well underlined character and a good story. This sequel is awful:story is non-sensical and boring like hell,main character is simply a doll without personality. The gameplay indeed is terrible:you must only push a button the whole time,it's not strategic or action,simply boring. All locations are the same,using the same places again and again and again. I reached the second act,then uninstalled the game.Ugly.


Good game

Zinzun | Sept. 24, 2012 | Review of Mass Effect 2 - PC

Mass Effect 2 is a great game.It takes something from Mass Effect 1,but the gameplay now is like a third person shooter with role playing elements,so forget all the stats from the precedent chapter. The graphics looks really good as the soundtrack is. The game will require about 30 hours to be completed,and if you will buy all the DLC from Bioware site they add 10 hours of extra gameplay.


Good game,tons of bug

Zinzun | Sept. 23, 2012 | Review of Homefront - PC

So,this game is good.This is a point.It's not original (it grab something from Resistance,something from Killzone,something from Call of Duty and something from Battlefield) but it's good,the story is nice (except the ending,is simply horrible),the graphics look good but...there are TONNES of bugs.Too many times I reloaded a checkpoint because the AI script doesn't unlock (IE Conner must open a door),something you get stuck with enviroment and other things like that. Good for 1 or 2 euro,but not more,because play this is really,really frustrating.


Great game

Zinzun | Sept. 23, 2012 | Review of Borderlands 2 post - PC

Borderland is more of the same:more characters,a better graphic,same replay value. It's like a first person shooter-Diablo:kill tons of enemies,find new and powerful weapons ad build up your character. On solo,well,it can be boring,but with other friends is pure fun. This time the locations are various,you will not fight all the time into desertic area,so this is a must buy!


A little masterpiece

Zinzun | Sept. 23, 2012 | Review of Jet Set Radio - PC

This game is all about fun. You must fight against time and make graffiti,creating your own crew,unlocking other character etc. The difference between this and the Dreamcast version is that you must paint using your keyboard/pad the graffiti,is not automatic this time. If the police try to catch you...simply paint them and run away! Great title,with cell shading graphics ,a good price and great replay value.


Great RTS

Zinzun | Sept. 17, 2012 | Review of Company of Heroes (1) - PC

This is one of the most brilliant world war two strategic games. The single player doesn't have a great story (like Call of Duty series,for example) but it's very fun to play. Multiplayer has a fast matchmaking system that grants you hours of fun. Graphics are very beautiful (the game is old,now).Buy this now its on sale!


Awesome pack

Zinzun | Sept. 15, 2012 | Review of THQ 5Pack - PC

All the games on this pack are great games.Metro 2033 is the best, a great fps with a great story.Warhammer 40000 is a good and solid rts,like Company of Heroes,probably the best second world war RTS .Saint's Row 2 and Red Faction Guerrilla are two sandbox funny games:destruction is the key here. Buy this because the price for all games is very low.Great pack.


Cheats for pay

Zinzun | Sept. 15, 2012 | Review of Saints Row The Third Invincible Pack - PC

Buying this dlc is equal to buying cheats.But you can "buy" cheats in the game without wasting real money.So,avoid this because is useless.



Zinzun | Sept. 15, 2012 | Review of Saints Row The Third Funtime DLC - PC

A weapon and a vehicle....seriously. Do you need this?It's completely useless.And it costs two euro and more! Don't waste your money on this. Please!


Useless DLC

Zinzun | Sept. 15, 2012 | Review of Saints Row The Third Explosive Combat Pack - PC

A skin and a weapon.Stop.Really do you want to pay 1,50€ for this?Naa,you can buy a FULL game on GMG for the same price!


A pay 2 win DLC

Zinzun | Sept. 15, 2012 | Review of Saints Row The Third Bloodsucker Pack DLC - PC

This dlc adds nothing except cash and respect multiplier and the possibility to drain your enemies blood.Nothing more.Buy only if you want all DLC of the game.


Good GTA clone

Zinzun | Sept. 13, 2012 | Review of Saints Row 2 (1) - PC

If you love GTA, you will love this.This is more "destructive", but the gameplay is very similar. You will lough a lot, for sure.


A good mmorpg

Zinzun | Sept. 13, 2012 | Review of Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition (1) - PC

I played the beta and this is a very wonderful mmorpg. Great graphic,nice story don't pay a monthly fee. You buy the game, install it and play it. Stop. And in the future if you want you will buy DLCs, but you can enjoy the full game...simply buying it!


Good deal

Zinzun | Sept. 13, 2012 | Review of Borderlands 2 Season Pass - PC

Good if you want to buy all the future DLC of the game. Buying the DLC one one one will cost you around fifty euros,so you will gain 20 euro from this pass.


Ugly game

Zinzun | Sept. 12, 2012 | Review of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days - PC

This game is ugly.No plot,no fun gameplay,a horrid "snuff" filter that make you vomit after five minutes.Seriously,don't buy this.If you love the first game, it again,but don't buy this game.There are also a lot of bugs and glitch.


Funny game

Zinzun | Sept. 12, 2012 | Review of Mini Ninjas - PC

Muini Ninja is nothing more then a little,funny game.It's a action,a platform,is colorfoul and with a lot of characters. If you have son,buy this for them (but play it you too)!


Nice game but...

Zinzun | Sept. 12, 2012 | Review of Tomb Raider Underworld - PC

it was the last of "new" Tomb Raider,but this game has no variations from the older ones. It has some bugs too that prevent you to proceed,story is nothing new at all,and the pc version miss the DLC that is a 360 exclusive.Buy only if you are a fan of the series.


The new Tomb Raider

Zinzun | Sept. 12, 2012 | Review of Tomb Raider Legend - PC

This is the first Crystal Dynamic Tomb Raider,and it is very good.It matches both old and new mechanics,so the game is very enjoyable.It will take about 20 hours to be fully completed.Graphic is good enough as the sound is.It's not a masterpiece,but it's one of the better "new" Tom Raider.


Good in coop

Zinzun | Sept. 11, 2012 | Review of Kane Lynch Dead Men - PC

This game is really fun if you can play it with another human partner. The story is good, but if you play it on solo, is simply boring. Good multiplayer system too, but there aren't other players to play with at the moment.


Good but...

Zinzun | Sept. 11, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Invisible War - PC

don't expect another masterpiece like the first Deus Ex. Many features have been removed, so Invisible War is nothing more than a FPS masked into a RPG. It's a good game and I've fun with it, but it's not really the sequel to the legendary Deus Ex.


Buy it...

Zinzun | Sept. 11, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution Explosive Mission Pack - PC

only for one euro or so. This DLC (that was free for preordering the game) add only a little rescue mission, that is nice bot nothing more. Other weapons are useless.


Best rpg ever!

Zinzun | Sept. 11, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition - PC

This is simply THE rpg. There are not plenty of unusefull quests, only a very good story, different ways to complete each level, high skills customization system, several ending (to obtain them you must play different parts of the final level, this is not a simply "Push this button if you want ending A). Truly, a masterpiece. For this price, buy it now, it's really a great deal!


Good game

Zinzun | Sept. 11, 2012 | Review of Just Cause 2 - PC

If you like free roaming with a good graphic, drive a lot of vehicles and destroy all the enviromental stuff, this game is for you. The story is good but nothing special, graphic is really good, but the gameplay is the heart of the game. TONS of hours and fun.


Boring game...

Zinzun | Sept. 11, 2012 | Review of The Last Remnant - PC

So, I really waited for the PC version of this game,'s really ugly. Graphic is good (if you've played a Final Fantasy, the look is pretty much the same), but there isn't a nice story to drive you into hours and hours of grinding. You've never really a fully control on party members, you can only give your units generic orders. There's no exploration, cities are a loong rail and nothing more, side-quests are ugly too....really, don't buy this game. I spet 7.50€ on it but it's not worth it at all.


Good game

Zinzun | Sept. 10, 2012 | Review of I AM ALIVE - PC

This game,during the initial project,will must be a full retail game,but due to some trouble it became a downloadable game only.But it is still a good game.You must survive in many dangerous zone,painted like a black and white world.There are only a few weapons and resources,so use them well,because you will need 'em if you want survive. This is,infact,simply a survival game,and if you like the genre you will enjoy it a lot.Controls sometime feel unresponsive,so use a pad to avoid the problem.


Funny multiplayer FPS

Zinzun | Sept. 10, 2012 | Review of Bloody Good Time - PC

Simply,another multiplayer fps.But it is good and funny!There are four game modes,a lot of weapons,power-ups...but only three maps.The game is similar to The Ship,if you played it.With human being is fun,but playing with's not! Give it a change and you will make some laughs,but there are better fps around,and for free (Gotham City Impostors,for example,is one of them).


Good but...

Zinzun | Sept. 10, 2012 | Review of Darkness Within 2 The Dark Lineage - PC

the first game was much way better.The developers want to give an ending (a true one) to the first game,but the story of this one is not so good.There are multiple endings,by the way,but you can chhose them in the final segment of the game.The gameplay is similar to Amnesia one,you will move around 3D rooms,collecting stuff etc (in the first game there where static screens).Nice game,but nothing more.


Good graphic adventure

Zinzun | Sept. 10, 2012 | Review of Darkness Within In Pursuit of Loath Nolder - PC

Based on Lovecraft setting,Darkness Within is a very good point and click adventure.You will investigate on Loath Nolder,a friends of you,that is missing.Strange things happens during the night,like nightmare and many other things...if you like horror games,buy it,it's a very good one.


A nice FPS

Zinzun | Sept. 10, 2012 | Review of The Darkness II - PC

Based on the comic book by Marc Silvestri,and sequel to the first consolle only The Darkness,Darkness 2 is a very funny cell-shading fps. You will use many weapons,but the funniest part are darkness powers:with them,you can grab enemies,slash them,use enviromental staff like shiedl and many more things. The game is short,around seven hours,but it's very nice to play!


Good sequel but...

Zinzun | Sept. 7, 2012 | Review of Syberia 2 - PC

So,the developers want to give the first Syberia a sequel,but the game doesn't need it. The ending of the first Syberia was really good,but they want to "explain" that and proceed to narrate the "real" epilogue of Kate's adventure. Graphic,sound and artistic directions are pretty much the same of the first game,which is good too but the player really doesn't need it.


Beautiful game

Zinzun | Sept. 7, 2012 | Review of Syberia - PC

The advendure of Kate Walker,a young lawyer,in search for Hans Voralberg,is really amazing:graphic is good,yes,but the story,the emotion are the heart of this game.You will travel among beautiful places full of snow,solve puzzles that are not too hard,reading documents..a classic adventure game,you know.But Sokal hand's is still present and give the game something more.


Good game!

Zinzun | Sept. 6, 2012 | Review of ShadO - PC

Yes, this is another tower defense game, like Orcs Must Die, Revenge of the Titans and many more. But it still very fun to play. Graphic is like a cartoon, but story is very enjoyable, you must help William to recover his dark memory, collecting light and similar. There are also several boss fights!


A little masterpiece

Zinzun | Sept. 6, 2012 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

Alan Wake is a really enjoyable game. It's long, about 16 hours, the porting from the 360 version is really good. Remedy patched the game several fimes following the community tips to make it better and better. Graphic is good, but the soundtrack is wonderful, thanks to Poet of the Fall themes. It's not a survival, it's like a thrilled Max Payne, there are many collectibles and 3 different difficulty settings. The Pc edition containt the two DLC for free! Buy it, it's really worth it every single cent you spend on it.


Simply Lego Batman!

Zinzun | Sept. 5, 2012 | Review of LEGO Batman The Videogame - PC

If you ever played other Lego titles, well, Lego Batman is pretty much the same game, only with the DC universe characters. A very good game, if you want find every items and secrets you will spend a lot of time on it. Graphic is good and "legolized", sound is wonderful, there are also some movie themes!


Only a good platform

Zinzun | Sept. 5, 2012 | Review of Scarygirl - PC

Scarygirl is "only" a nice game, so expect the classic things you find in every platform. Jump, kill enemies, take collectibles and so on. The graphic is good as the sound, but the game hasn't any elements that rise it from similar titles. Buy it when it will be on deal, it's not ugly, but it's not a masterpiece too.


Only if you REALLY like multiplayer

Zinzun | Sept. 5, 2012 | Review of Battlefield 3 Premium Pack - PC

Buy this premium pack only if you really love multiplayer section of Battlefield 3. It includes all the DLC with early access, new challenge and the possibility to join exclusive tournaments. There isn't any other stuff, but if you spend a lot of time on multi, it might worth it.


Nice free roaming

Zinzun | Sept. 5, 2012 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

Sleeping Dog is a good game. It's like GTA, but with a better story and a true combat system. Is not boring and this is a good thing, and now if you wanna try it simply download the free demo from Steam!


Good game

Zinzun | Sept. 5, 2012 | Review of Hitman Blood Money - PC

Hitman 3 is way to easy respect the first two. Now you can visit the level so you can choose the right way to kill your targets, there are multiple difficulty level so anyone can finish the game, you can interact with the starting point of this saga!


The best game of the series

Zinzun | Sept. 5, 2012 | Review of Hitman 2 Silent Assassin - PC

Pretty much the same game of Hitman 1, the bugs now are gone, the story continues the preavious one, you can now switch from first to third person, you can save your position in the mid of a level without restart it from the beginning in case of failure...this game is a must!


A good game

Zinzun | Sept. 5, 2012 | Review of Hitman Codename 47 - PC

This game is really hard. In every mission you must choose the right plan to take out your objective, but the AI is very good and make you angry. Graphic is good, but the game has some bug that can ruin your experience. For only 2 euro is a great deal, by the way, so try it by yourselves.


A good old rpg

Zinzun | Sept. 4, 2012 | Review of Rijn the Specpyre in Manor of the Damned - PC

This action rpg is a genuine surprise. The graphic looks like an rpg maker game but it's very good, it's like playing an old game. The bosses are hard, and you will die several time before beat theme, but this is good because the game is very short. For only one euro, it's a great deal!


A good RTS

Zinzun | Sept. 4, 2012 | Review of Commandos 3 Destination Berlin - PC

Like the others Commandos title,this game is really good.Every men of your squad has specific skill and ability to use,so you must choose well each men to complete a mission.The graphic is "Diablo style",but the game it's worth it,now it's only 2 euro.


Good Remake

Zinzun | Sept. 4, 2012 | Review of Tomb Raider Anniversary - PC

This game is a remake of the first Tomb Raider,with Legend graphic and improvement. If you've never played this saga,start from here,because the original games are not-well aged.It will requires you about 12 hours to complete it,and for four euro it's really worth it.Great game!


A legendary game

Zinzun | Sept. 4, 2012 | Review of Splinter Cell - PC

This was the only opponent to the Metal Gear Solid saga,and is a very good stealth,but is brutally hard.If you don't play "well", an alarm during the end of a mission you can't avoid (maybe because a guard on a preavius part of a level has discovered a bad-hidden corpse) will force you to start the mission from the beginning.Luchly you can save your game when you want,so make multiple save can grant you the endgame. A must buy,a game when Sam Fisher is really sam Fisher.


Good game but this is not a stealth

Zinzun | Sept. 4, 2012 | Review of Tom Clancys Splinter Cell Conviction - PC

This game is simply an action,not a stealth.You can kill tons of enemies thanks to mark system,and this is bad.During the game you are never forced to hide you in shadow,you can simply destroy all the enemies and move on. But the really "horrible" thing of this game is the Ubisoft DRM:you must be ALWAYS connected,even to play single-player.And if your connection is not good,the game pause itself,even and even! Cloud system for save is bad implemented,Ubisoft servers deleted mine three times,I completed the game only at the forth try. There is also a coop campaign,but when I selected the multiplayer section,the game crashed for me.


A good game but...

Zinzun | Sept. 4, 2012 | Review of Thief deadly Shadows - PC

it is inferior to his sequels.Yeah, the graphic is much better,you can swap now between first and third persons,but the story is no so great anche the save system can be really frustrated.The game is still good,by the way, a true stealth like today are never more,but it has some aspects I didn't like.


The sequel to a great game

Zinzun | Sept. 4, 2012 | Review of Thief II The Metal Age - PC

Thief 2 take all the goods from the first Thief and adds some new elements to give the game a better gameplay,so now the levels are non-linear,there are also many items to use throught the story,"scientific" things like the robots are now present...a truly good and genuine sequel.


Great game

Zinzun | Sept. 4, 2012 | Review of Thief Gold - PC

Thief was one of the first stealth game I ever played.The game is hard,but the setting is really good and this is a real stealth: avoid combat if you can and use shadow to hide you and past the guards.The graphic is still good, and the Gold Edition offers a few new levels to complete. A must buy.


Good game

Zinzun | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of To The Moon - PC

So, To the Moon is not really a "game". Its an interactive story, if we want describe it. But the story is simply amazing, can catch you up and you will continue to play only to discover more of it until the end. The music themes are really beautiful, graphic looks like an RPG Maker made game, and you can't do much more then speak to other characters or move around, but this game MUST be played.


A wonderful RPG

Zinzun | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of The Witcher II Assassins of Kings - PC

Witcher 2 is simply the best RPG of the decade.You have absolute control on every choice, and choices modify the story so you can create your own path. The combat system is much better than the first game, now is a very "action" rpg. Plus, with the 2.0 version you can obtain for FREE all the DLC CDProject released. Graphic is stunning, soundtrack is amazing, everything in this game is simply perfect.


Nice game!

Zinzun | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of Bastion - PC

This is an action rpg. You must rebuilt the Bastin, taking some stones from the surrounding levels. You can use different ranged and melee weapons, powering them up, and using special powers. There is also a nice update in the PC version where you can play in an exclusive Portal 2 based level. Maybe the full retail price is high, but the game is very beautiful, also thanks to the narrator voice.


A good shooter

Zinzun | Sept. 3, 2012 | Review of Metro 2033 (1) - PC

This is based on a novel, and it's a survival first person shooter. To buy weapons or must use your bullets, but you will need them to survive too. When you will exit on open areas, you will need to use special air masks that consume filters. The game is hard, and there are some bugs and bad programming scripts (when you shoot enemies you will not know if you've hit them or not ,because bullets don't give any feedback when they hit something), but it's a really good game for the story and atmosphere. Buy it when it will be on deal.


A good horror game

Zinzun | Sept. 2, 2012 | Review of Condemned Criminal Origins - PC

This is the first survival horror I played on new (well,now are old,by the way) console (360)'s a surprise.You are a FBI agent and must catch a serial killer...and you must follow him in many creepy places.There are not so many guns,and you will forced to use melee combat (there are tons of white weapon to fight with),sometimes you will switch to detective mode to solve easy "puzzles",but this game will make you scare more then once.Buy it now if you are waiting for the next Amnesia game and wanto to play a very good survival.



Zinzun | Sept. 2, 2012 | Review of NecroVisioN Lost Company - PC

This game is simply ugly: horrible graphic,tons of bugs.It's an old-style fps like Doom,but developers want to make it partially "new" introducing health regeneration,the iron sight,melee this game hasn't an identity. Maybe you can try to play it now that is on deal for two euro,but if you want old-style action game simply buy other title like Hard Reset,Painkiller and similar.


Good game

Zinzun | Sept. 2, 2012 | Review of Quantum Conundrum Season Pass - PC

Good puzzle game,if you played Portal or Qube there are similar mechanics.The graphic style is like a cartoon but the "heart" of the production is the opportunity to cgange between four dimensions to solve the puzzles and retrieve your uncle.Give it a try,but before buying it make sure to download the demo version from Steam,because the game has some problems to start,that you can solve editing ad .INI file.


A must

Zinzun | Sept. 1, 2012 | Review of VVVVVV - PC

If you love hard old-style platform,buy this game.It's hard but it's also easiest then Super Meat Boy.It takes about three hours to complete,you you can find all crew members of your ship.The soundtrack is simply amazing,Positive Force is a theme that will play on your mind for much time.For only 2 euro,it's a great deal!


Buy this game...

Zinzun | Aug. 31, 2012 | Review of Scania Truck Driving Simulator - PC

only if you are a fan of Scania truck.This is a classic simulation of a track,you can upload your scores,downloading replays,make some missions...that's all. By the way,graphic is very good,and if you like simulation game,you will appreciate it.


A good adventure!

Zinzun | Aug. 31, 2012 | Review of The Dark Eye Chains of Satinav - PC

The Dark Eye - Chains of Satinav is a very good adventure.On the dark world of Aventuria (or Atlantis), you gain the control of Geron,a son of a witch,that can uses some magic powers to interact with many items or scenario's elements.The story is not so good,there are many fantasy's cliché, animations are rusty (the game is from Daedalic,and other games like The Whispered World suffers from the same problem) and some bugs make his head out sometimes,but the game is good.Maybe is too easy (deactivate the hint system,to make it much harder),but buy it (maybe when it will be on deal) because it worh it.


Good game

Zinzun | Aug. 31, 2012 | Review of Rochard - PC

Rochard is a good game.It's a Metroidvania,if you played Shadow Complex on Xbox 360 it's very similar.There are five chapters for a total of seven hours of gameplay,but you will redo all the area to aquire power-up,collect more stuff etc,but one problem is...there's too much combat.On a game based on exploration,the combat it's an important,maybe too important,part of it. But the game is very good,so buy it if you like the genre.


Another RTS...

Zinzun | Aug. 31, 2012 | Review of Starvoid - PC

I already have it,but...this game is really bugged.When I first started it (it runs automatically on window mode),then I must restart my PC to fix the resolution,because the screen goes for a half away,becoming too dark. By the way,the game is similar to DOW2,you can customize your troops or use pregen ones,three maps to play on.If they fix some stuff,it will be a good game,but now is only sufficient.


A new Battlefield!

Zinzun | Aug. 30, 2012 | Review of Battlefield 3 - PC

For the first time, single-player section of this game really suits me. It has an interesting story, a great variety type of mission and it's really valuable. By the way, multiplayer section is good as always. Many maps, vehicle, weapons unlock etc. You will play this for month, even without the expansion set.


Old school FPS!

Zinzun | Aug. 30, 2012 | Review of Painkiller Black Edition - PC

If you like Quake and Doom, buy this game. It's an fps with a poor story, but great gameplay, arena style. Lots of weapon, lots of power-up, many levels, the multiplayer section...really, this is a great and funny game! !


Buy this game now!

Zinzun | Aug. 30, 2012 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

Insanely hard, this is an awsome game! TONS of hard platforming level, you will beat only if you master them. And if you will beat the entire game, yes, there is dark world option, same level, only in their hardest version. A lot of secrets (like Captain Viridian, Minecraft Man and many other characters) to discover, an easy-to-use editor make this game infinite!


A must buy!

Zinzun | Aug. 28, 2012 | Review of Darksiders II - PC

If you loved the first Darksiders, you will really enjoy his sequel. You are Death, and you must accomplish your mission traversing a large, open world. A tons of things to do, items to collect and powering-up, side-quests, the Crucible...over thirty hours of gameplay. There is also several DLC planned (I usually don't like them, but if they are good, maybe...), but the PC version missed some option (but THQ is working on a patch). A must buy!


Buy this game!

Zinzun | Aug. 28, 2012 | Review of Darksiders (1) - PC

Seriously, it's a great game. It's like a God of War+Zelda mix, with a character design by Madureira that reminds me World of Warcraft. There are tons of things to do, like exploring dungeons, discover secrets, power-up your character ability and weapons. It's a thirty hours game, but you will never get tired of it. Even on the hardest difficulty, it's an easy game. You can activate in on Steam, but be aware that achievements are broken, THQ never released a patch to fix them. Great game, by the way.



Zinzun | Aug. 28, 2012 | Review of Altered Beast - PC

So maybe when it went out during nineties it was a good game, but today is not. It's a very short game, and to finish it you will need to ABUSE the savestate system (by the way this is how I finished it on PS3). You are And collecting some orbs you can turn yourself in a monster with different powers. If you are good enough you can mantein this form for the rest of the level and beat it. That's all. Hard bosses, only five levels...think before buying.


Good puzzle game

Zinzun | Aug. 28, 2012 | Review of World of Goo - PC

I obtained it for free by completing at 100% the Heist on Iphone, but it's really a good game. Artistic direction is good,there are tons of puzzles based on physic that you can solve in different ways. Greenman Gaming offers it for only two euro, so buy it before the deal ends!


It's not a bad game ,but it's not a masterpiece...

Zinzun | Aug. 28, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 2 - PC

So, this game is boring. Seriously, if you want enjoy it, play ONLY the main quest, because if you explore the whole world, you will suicide soon. The game is pretty identical to Oblivion, Bethesda put into it some new stuff like the Fus Ro Dah thing, killcam etc but really it's only more of the same. And men, there are TONS of bug. You can steal anything from a NPC simply putting a bucket on their head, your horse is a 4x4 and can easly reach the peek of any mountain. And there are more, and more. It's not a bad game, of course, but it's not a masterpiece too. Buy it for less then 10 euro and will be a good deal, but paying it more it's not a valid option.


If you have a friend to play with, the game will be funny...

Zinzun | Aug. 28, 2012 | Review of The First Templar - PC

So this is a horrible game. Truly, it has no interesting plot, it's an on-rail action, with poor action and bad character writing. You can upgrade your skill, but they don't serve nothing. Graphic is simply old, soundtrack is non-existent. I have the retail version of this game (with a free DLC included) which I obtained for FREE buying another game thanks to a promotion, and I toss this game into garbage becase it is no fun. No fun at all.


If you hate Diablo 3...

Zinzun | Aug. 28, 2012 | Review of Titan Quest Gold - PC

then buy this. This game is a truly hack and slash,the real "sequel" of Diablo 2. Fight your way among a lot of enemies,build up your character with many skills,armors and weapon.This includes the expansion set "Immortal Throne",that continue tha main story of the game.Graphic is not that stunning (but hey,it's a 2006 game),but if you need a solid h&s rpg,this is for you!


Very good game!

Zinzun | Aug. 27, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex HR Augmented Edition - PC

This game is wonderful. Initially,it's really slow but when you go throught the story, it takes you until the end of it. You can approch every situation in many ways, like the first Deus Ex. Stealth option,of course, is the best, but if you want to shoot all the enemies, well, you can,thanks to the augmentations you can gain levelling up. There are also several side-missions,and for many of them you can choose different ways to accomplish them. The game is forty hours long,but you will never be tired of it. A must buy,a truly rpg and a perfect prequel to the legendary Deus Ex.


Hardcore returns!

Zinzun | Aug. 24, 2012 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition EU (1) - PC

Spiritual sequel of the PS3 exclusive Demon's Souls,Dark Souls is a truly bloody hardcore rpg. Learn the enemy pattern attacks,prepare to dodge,balance yourself with the best equipment without being "heavy", or approce the way of Magic (Miracles and various spell). For some bosses you will need the help of a friend,so summon him and proceed to the next area. If you die,is your fault,so learn to play the game. With about 60 hours on the first play,and an additional ten hours from the DLC,Dark Souls is an old style game,that require skill and patience to be managed.Buy and play it it with a 360 pad,because keyboard support is horrible. The resolution can be rendered up thanks to a community mod just released,so the 1024x768 resolution is not a problem.


A very good game!

Zinzun | Aug. 23, 2012 | Review of LA Noire - PC

Great game.After a very slow beginning,the story make you play and play to discover Phelp's past and future.The motion capture is very good,the shooting section are easy and a good interlude between investigations. Interrogation system is very good,but you can finish every case making wrong chooses's not that good,okay. DLCs are very interesting and you should play the game with theme.This is a very long game,overo thirty hours of gameplay.The bad is that you can't save when you want,and if you fail something you must repeat very long section of gaming.


Not a good game...

Zinzun | Aug. 23, 2012 | Review of Dear Esther - PC

First af all,Dear Esther was a mod for Half-Life 2.During this mod,you can only walk on a desert island,can't interact with anything,just explore the surrounding enviroment. The commercial the same.The story is very confused,and if you play the game multiple times you can read different lines of dialogue,but you will never have the complete meaning of the story. After one and half hour,the game and you can it again,but there's nothing to discover or interact. By the way,graphic is very good,many locations are wonderful but...that's all.Buy it only for a few cents,otherwise see a gameplay video on Youtube,because in the end this is only a tech-demo.


Coloropus review

Zinzun | Aug. 23, 2012 | Review of Coloropus (1) - PC

First of all, a free version of this game can be played on Kongregate.After that,Coloropus is a good adventure game.You are an octopus and you must save your girlfriend (she's been trapped into a bottle); during this adventure, solving very easy puzzles (you can't really stuck here) and upgrading yourself to become more powerful.Yes,there are boss battles too,and they can be very hard due to the movement control of the main character. You can die, you can make moral choice...and this is interesting for an adventure game. The game is very short,maybe four hours,but it's very funny to play.


A good game but...

Zinzun | Aug. 23, 2012 | Review of Yesterday - PC

From the developers of Runaway Trilogy and Hollywood Monster 1 and 2 (aka The Next Big Thing),Yesterday is a good game,with an interesting and "adult" plot (a new element for the software house).Sadly,the game is very short:it can be completed in two hours with no trouble. Puzzle are very easy,and if you really stuck on them there is a hint system that can help you out.There are several endings (one,the funniest,is secret),but you can view them all simply repeating the last section of the game. Good but only if you can take it for lower price.


Baron Wittard review

Zinzun | Aug. 10, 2012 | Review of Baron Wittard Nemesis of Ragnarok - PC

Baron Wittard has a really poor plot for a graphic adventure.The story,in fact, serves only to throw the player into the game to solve several puzzles. The city inside the building looks like old games,except that this game is new. The hotspot are not so easy to find,and in many cases you will write with your pen some vital clues,unless you want to make several travels among locations. If you want a good game,try something else (like Rhem Trilogy),but don't try this.



Zinzun | Aug. 10, 2012 | Review of Deponia - PC

If you love the adventure games,especially Secret of Monkey Island,you must buy Deponia.From Daedalic Entertainment (The Whispered World),the game is essentially a comedy,thanks to the main character,Rufus,and his gag.But the game suffers several problem:the first act is really slow,and sometimes make you desire to quit the game.Some puzzles,also,are very confusing,and you will use the technique "Use all items with all the background elements"; animations, at the end, are really poor. By the way,Deponia is a good game,and if you loved LucasGames,you should give it a try.


An enjoyable game!

Zinzun | Aug. 10, 2012 | Review of Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light - PC

Lara Croft The Guardian of Light is really a suprise. It's not an adventure like the old games,but it's a cooperative shooter with a flying visual,where you must take advantage from your buddy in order to proceed.If you want,you can play the game alone,but it isn't funny as with a human buddy. Graphic is ok but nothing special,there are no FMV cutscene,only static screen ones,there are also several puzzles you must solve to proceed. You can obtain new weapons acquiring red skulls or achieving high score at the end of the level (thanks do treasure on it). DLC are not needed to fully enjoy this game