Reviews by ZoraLink


Better than expected, by far.

ZoraLink | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of The Secret World NA Origin - PC

I went into this very, very hesitant as to the free weapon switching, as well as the actual gameplay. At first, I found it dreadfully dull. After stopping for a month or so, I went back into it and pushed through a bit more, and started enjoying it a lot. At first the combat felt very clunky, especially with ability queuing on. Picking blood as my first weapon likely didn't help, combined with the ability queuing. It felt like an odd mix of SWTOR and Guild Wars 2. It works though, for the most part, though certain things don't work, such as investigation missions at time, doing odd things that aren't very logical. And fair warning: There will be several missions that expect you to know morse code/have an interpreter. Don't be afraid to look those up, there is no shame in not wasting your time on these. A fun little MMO that has surprised me with its better than expected voice acting (Not phenomenal, but better than many), decent story lines, and different take on 'leveling.' Combat can be quirky, and the start is relatively awkward before you start getting more abilities, but it picks up quickly.


Recommended as a horror game but...

ZoraLink | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Condemned Criminal Origins STEAM - PC

I never really felt too much horror in the game. Tense times, sure, but never too much horror. It has a good atmosphere, fairly satisfying combat, and an okay story (Though pretty cliche), everything felt a little rough around the edges. While to be expected from an older game, it still felt awkward to play at times. A decent little game, I'd pick it up for $5-$10.


Great fun, particularly as aliens.

ZoraLink | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Natural Selection II - PC

I bought this game after being disappointed by Nuclear Dawn failing, hoping for more of the same. It is a fantastic mix of RTS and shooter elements, myself being a big fan of commanding in this game. I've never enjoyed the micro management side of RTS games, so having each unit I would normally micromanage have its own autonomy is perfect.... so long as they're competent. Every once and a while you'll get stuck in a game that is just a completely massive stomp, or with a commander who is either utterly clueless and doesn't listen to advice, or is just blatantly trolling and ruins the game before you can kick him/her out. The actual mechanics of each side are fun, I enjoy aliens much more than marines, scuttling around as a Skulk is probably one of my favorite things to do when not commanding. I also enjoy that aliens are a bit more able to do things when alone in comparison to marines, who are very much team oriented, which can be frustrating when in public groups. Overall, I'd definitely recommend it, I got my play time out of it easily. Whether you want to command or whether you want to be a foot soldier, each side is satisfying to play.


So close to being a fantastic game...

ZoraLink | Aug. 13, 2013 | Review of Chivalry Medieval Warfare Overflow 1 - PC

Then it falls short. I tried so hard to like this game much more than I do, but every time I try to play I just can't make myself fall in love with it. The combat is wonky, enemies will be slashing or stabbing with the animation never even starting on your screen, exploiting the fact that you can fully turn in any direction in mid swing is exploited quite frequently. Archers are also very, very frustrating, in a game about skilled melee combat, with their ability to one shot you with crossbows (At least as a man at arms). It does have a lot going for it, with a wide variety of game modes, four distinct classes (Though I truly despise archers), weapon customizations and loadout choices, and fairly enjoyable melee combat. However, you'll be chugging along in a duel, only to suddenly be shot in the face by an archer with no recourse to defend yourself, or the enemy's swing won't appear for you and you'll be dead from something you couldn't see. Fun game.... when nothing goes wrong. Unfortunately things have a tendency to go wrong a lot.


Honestly feels like a downgrade from the first game.

ZoraLink | Aug. 11, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

Don't misunderstand the title, either. In terms of story and atmosphere, it honestly felt very hollow compared to the original Bioshock. The first hour or so, exploring the carnival felt fantastic, it felt like a city. Then, the city suddenly disappears the second you find a gun. You never see civilians except in a few other scripted instances, leaving you to enjoy your reign of terror over the city, because you managed to find a pistol. There's a huge amount of dissonance between being in a 'living' city when there's no evidence of living there; at least none more so than in the original Bioshock, where the city has fallen apart. With that, Bioshock 1 kept a genuinely unsettling atmosphere throughout, justifying its emptiness, particularly when you consider the enemies within. Infinite felt like a shooting gallery conveniently set up just for you. The gunplay and plasmids also felt like a huge downgrade. You're limited to two weapons and ammo types are gone. Plasmids are hollow, with little interaction with each other or the environment. In exchange you get the ability to place every plasmid as a 'trap' version of itself, which is generally useless. You'll pick your two favorite plasmids, upgrade them, then enjoy plowing through everything with them. (For me, it was Murder of Crows almost all the way. I saw little to no reason to use anything else.) The upgrade system is usually just a flat increase on everything, with no real change to any plasmid. The gunplay feels flat, at best, as you shoot through the aforementioned galleries, with the most fun portion being the skyhook and flying around on the tracks, which are woefully underrepresented. All this said, it was a pretty good game. I enjoyed it, but I don't believe it holds up under the standards the first Bioshock set. If it could have used a similar atmosphere from the first, with the smoother gameplay of the second, it would have been a much better game. The story was interesting, but I personally did not find it as a mind bending as many people did. It was enjoyable, and kept me moving through it, but in many ways it felt like a cop out in the way it handled everything at the end. I'd still recommend it, but I don't think I'd pay a full $60 for it.


Fun as a cooperative game...

ZoraLink | Aug. 11, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil 6 - PC

But not so much a Resident Evil game anymore. I'm sure you've heard this sentiment before, and it stands true. It has a lot of issues with quick time events being abundant, and as someone who truly hates quick times, it was a pain to deal with. I also had problems with my keyboard, where it does not register a certain number of key presses if I continually hit it too fast, making button mashing moments a huge headache. Thankfully I had a controller I could keep plugged in and just switch to that every time I saw a cutscene. Still, a very annoying issue to have. That said, it was a pretty fun game to mess with. Played through all the campaigns on veteran with a friend, we enjoyed it for the most part. Had a few infuriating moments, generally involving the aforementioned QTEs, but overall it was smooth sailing. Co op play can seem forced at times, with forced separation, but whether or not you like this is up to your judgement. We started to go through again on the hardest difficulty, but just couldn't force ourselves through it, as between the annoying QTEs and the stupid amounts of damage enemies did if they got even a single hit on you, it went from fun to infuriating very quickly. Overall, a decent cooperative experience if you're looking for a third person shooter with some QTEs thrown in. I would not recommend it if playing alone, however.


An impressive sequel, but something feels missing.

ZoraLink | Aug. 10, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA Overflow 1 - PC

I put more hours than I'd like to say into the first Borderlands, so naturally I was excited for the sequel, that looked to be more of the same. However, after stepping back onto Pandora, something felt off. The simple charm felt missing this time around, probably a result of the much heavier story focus. I was also incredibly disappointed that upon initial release there was no melee focused berzerking character, similar in style to Brick from the first one, as I put most of my time into playing him in the first. The DLC fixed a lot of this, Krieg is amazingly fun to play, and all four of the campaign based DLCs were extremely entertaining. (Sir Hammerlock's disappointed, but it's also where I got the best shield for Krieg, so I'm torn!). The DLC campaigns humor was also top notch, in my opinion beating out the main campaign, especially Tina Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep, which managed to be both humorous, dark, and story relevant. For the base game, I'd give it a 75-80. Including the DLC it's closer to a 90. Definitely something I'd recommend, but you need at least one friend to truly enjoy it.