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a_melomaniac | July 7, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA Overflow 1 - PC

Borderlands has always been a favorite for me and Borderlands 2 expands on the original in the best way possible. It looks good, it's funny as hell, there's environmental variety, and it has some of the most fun gunplay in the FPS genre. There's seriously improvements all around. To sum it up, you will experience great gunplay with a huge variety of weapons, shields, and other modifiers which are dropped by a large variety of enemies. The main story is good with a massive amount of side quests available which will reward you with money, experience points, and other loot. The side quests help if you get bored with your current task, feel like things are getting repetitive and want to try something new, or simply just want the extra experience. Boss fights are fun and some are very tough if you're not prepared but you are, in most cases, rewarded with lots of loot for these kills. You can fight most bosses as many times as you want and if you want a challenge you can tackle the much harder "invincible" bosses. Leveling up your character offers a good variety of skills to upgrade in the skill tree of your choice which give the gameplay an even more dynamic feel. You will unlock new modes upon completion of the main story which offer more challenging enemies and better loot. All of this really helps the replay value by offering 4 (6 with DLC as of this review) players with 3 skill trees each and their own variety of upgrades plus the additional more challenging playthoughs. The base game itself is incredible but I highly recommend the DLC because they have great stories, even more loot, and a ton more quests. Some boredom from repetition may be experienced but I did not experience this until I was already more than 100 hours in. That's over 100 hours on this game with only 1 of the 4 base characters... That says to me that if I logged the same amount of time with the other 3 and the DLC characters I should get over 600 hours worth of entertainment from the game. That alone should be a buying point for anyone.