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One of the most touching experiences in a videogame

abelfs | Jan. 4, 2014 | Review of Brothers A tale of Two Sons - PC

I have just finished it and I needed to explain my feelings about this game. Basically it is a single player game with a gameplay born from coop. With left stick you move the big brother (the strong one), while with the right stick you move the little one (small but agile). You must control both brothers at the same time in order to pass the beutiful landscapes (nice use of Unreal Engine 3). The game has plenty of moments that will hit nerves, but the most powerful feeling is that you act as the nexus that keeps the brothers together while the game tries to separate them. If you look for a different experience buy it. The only handicap, you need a gamepad.


The best pack for one of the best FPS sagas

abelfs | Dec. 30, 2013 | Review of FEAR Pack - PC

F.E.A.R. became one of the sleepers of the year it was released, with a spectacular gameplay and the best shootings and deaths I have ever seen (I have played it recently and still surprises me). To these mechanics you add terrifying moments and a suitable plot, and you obtain one of the best FPS experiences for single player. Unfortunately, the quality and originality of each game was decreasing until they arrived to F.3.A.R., which was a good game, but far from the boom that the first F.E.A.R caused.


Buy it if you like Batman. If not buy it anyway.

abelfs | Dec. 30, 2013 | Review of Batman Game of the Year Pack - PC

These two games are the very best examples of how create a superhero-based videogame. It practically explodes all the batman universe with awesome visuals and an intuitive and solid gameplay. Highly recommended for anyone that loves videogames, even if you are not a fan of the Dark Knight.


The sequel that the original Far Cry deserved!!

abelfs | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3 - PC

One of the best games of 2012. It has lots of things to do. The kill secondary missions could get repetitive, though all the other optional stuff are very fun. I liked the crafting system a lot but i feel like it could have taken it a step further. The combat system is nice there are a lot of abilities you can unlock, making you feel like a truly predator in the second half of the game. There are lots of animal that you can hunt, and some of them are deadly as hell (like crocodiles or tigers). The story is surprising, but not because of the plot, but its characters (specially Vaas). Mix it all with superb visuals and you'll get one of the finest surprises of 2012.


Tim, you did it again!!

abelfs | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of Psychonauts - PC

One of these games that did not triumph when it was released, but the years gave it the recognition that it deserved. The legendary Tim Schafer mixes hilarious dialog, wildly bizarre settings, imaginitive gameplay and the voice of Invader Zim to make a truly excellent game. The only issue are controls, I finished the game twice: Once with keyboard and mouse and the other one with my xbox 360 controller. The second experience was much more satisfactory than the first one, so I highly recommend the pad.


Hilarious and violent nonsense... I'm in!!

abelfs | Aug. 12, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

One of the best examples of how second parts must be done: Keep all the elements that made big the first Borderlands and improve them with tons of violence, fun and epicity in order to conceive one of the best shooters of its generation. The plot is not very complex, but has its twists and a lot of funny conversations. The main skills of the characters are better defined than the first part and they are not testimonials at all. Two advices while play it: Play a campaign with friends and another alone so you can explode all its posibilities. Highly recommendable.


A clearly underrated game!!

abelfs | July 7, 2013 | Review of RAGE Europe - PC

There was a lot of expectation with this game, revealing itself as the next graphical beast. The promises were not fulfilled with a PC port that was clearly below the console versions. Anyway, the following fixes corrected that aspect. The final result is a outstanding game in the visual aspect, and a great game in the others. Gunplay is fast and fluid, enemies have good AI and the arsenal is fun to shoot. Just a real joy as a shooter, it feels true to id's legacy. The environment reminds the Fallout saga, but it's more linear, more focused to the action. The main problems are that rpg and racing elements are discreet, no taling about the sudden ending... However, I highly recommend this game because it is funny as hell.


It has changed (but not too much)

abelfs | July 3, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

This game reminded me to the Splinter Cell Conviction case. This is a great stealth action shooter game with amazing graphics. The story started very well, but then it starts to disappoint. It has multiple ways to achieve your goals as a master assassin, but it is more linear. You cannot select your weapon in the beginning of each level (something that is justified by the storytelling), giving you the realistic feeling of complete the mission "improvising". However, the most insignificant mistake will ruin your plan, having to restart the checkpoint again if you want perfection. Finally, I have to say bravo for the little tributes that the game does to other franchises of Square-Enix (concretely Eidos) if you pay attention, giving you the feeling that everything is connected.


A great tribute to Sega platform classics

abelfs | July 3, 2013 | Review of Hell Yeah Collection - PC

This game is some kind Jazz Jackrabbit and Earthworm Jim. It has some nice platforming, varied worlds and ways to kill the target monsters, lots of shooting, pretty 2d graphics and chuckle-worthy humour. If the main game wasn't long, this edition will extend it at least the double; but what really made me raise its punctuation was the ingredients of the "Pimp my Rabbit Pack", where I could customize the wheel with motifs of classic games like Shinobi, Alex Kidd or Golden Axe, making me remember the sweet times when I was the young owner of a Megadrive console. Snif...


Who said that the rabbits were innocent?

abelfs | July 3, 2013 | Review of Hell Yeah - PC

Very decent platformer with a delirious background: the main character is a rabbit that is the prince of hell who got caught by paparazzi being a "plastic-duckphile". Too bad it is not really that long. It has some nice platforming, varied worlds and ways of killing the target monsters, lots of shooting, pretty 2d graphics and chuckle-worthy humour. I can't say I'm disappointed after its purchased with a 50% price drop.


What Crysis 2 should have been

abelfs | July 3, 2013 | Review of Crysis 3 - PC

I've been always a fan of the Crysis saga. The second part was a great game, but too different from the first one, but it was justified due to the change of scenario, however the sandbox experience was lost for a more linear game. What I said and the feeling that the graphics could have been better (blame the consoles) were the main defects that made Crysis 2 inferior to the first part. The success point behind Crysis 3 is that Crytek paid attention to the negative critics and made the game giving priority to the PC version. The result is what the first Crysis was, the ultimate benchmark made videogame. The mechanics are way too similar to the previous Crysis, but there is an element that I loved: the bow, a weapon that makes you feel like a true predator. There is one point that really upset me and it made me low the punctuation: the AI. Crytek should have spent more time on improving AI than just putting all their time on the engine. Besides all, this is a good game that should be played only to sorround yourself by the best graphics ever.


Not a bad game at all

abelfs | July 3, 2013 | Review of Clive Barkers Jericho - PC

A FPS shooter where you can switch the control between seven characters with their singular abilities. The main success of this game is the balance between the characters (you will be forced to use all of them to move forward). The premise is original, the atmosphere is superb and the story serves its purpose. The only thing that dulls the final result is its ending, where, after 6-8 hours of epic gameplay. you feel like "I've playing all this only for this?"). If there were an expansion that casts light on the game it could have been better. Anyway, buy it if you want something fresh in FPS genre.


GOTY for sure!!

abelfs | July 3, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

This game is one of the examples why videogames should become the 8th art. Every single aspect of the game has been treated to conceive a perfect game. The beautiful scenarios (it is unbelievable what an ancient and overused engine like Unreal Engine 3 could do), the gameplay is dinamic and full of posibilities, and above all the atmosphere and interaction with Elizabeth (one of the best AI that I ever met in a videogame), that serves for a wonderful story that keeps you playing without pause until you reach one of the best endings ever (from Legacy of Kain, few games made me think about its story even weeks after finish it).


Living at the shadow of a masterpiece

abelfs | July 1, 2013 | Review of Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver 2 (2) - PC

Soul Reaver 2 revealed itself as a wonderful game that continues the story of Raziel in an unbelievable way, and that's the main purpose why you should play it. This is the perfect case of a literal sequel, it just improves what it is expected from a game that continues the tradition of its ancestor. It has the same spirit, but it hasn't the originality that the first Soul Reaver provided, and that's the main fault of this sequel. The only thing (in my opinion) is that, with the excuse that Raziel travels through time, you'll visit the same places more than once (with a different appearance). In that sense, the world of the first Soul Reaver was much bigger. However, the wonderful storytelling will make you forget about that minor imperfection. Highly recommendable if you love the first one!!


A classic that will never die!!

abelfs | July 1, 2013 | Review of Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver - PC

One of the best games I ever played!! I don't know what to say about this jewel: Its story, its gameplay, its puzzles, the way you travel between the world of the living and the dead, the soundtrack, the graphics that (for that time) were incredible... but above all that, the artistic design... what an artistic design... Nosgoth is one of the best worlds ever created in a videogame. The way you surround yourself (no matter the years) in the remains of a dead civilization, imagining that it could have been adn with Raziel becoming a tourist guide with his first person considerations. A true masterpiece that must be played at least one during a mortal life.


From now in my top ten!

abelfs | April 8, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite Post - PC

Incredible experience. Though is more linear, this is the best Bioshock ever created with an improved combat system. The combos between the vigorizing powers are easy to performance (I used a XBOMX 360 pad), but I missed my beloved telekinesis. However, this is a subjetive opinion that does not affect the final result. Everything is perfect: atmosphere, visual style (I cannot believe that it was made with Unreal Engine 3), the story, the interaction with Elizabeth and the enemies with a nice AI, that unbelievable ending scene... GOTY for sure.


The Dark Knight Rises...... literally

abelfs | March 24, 2013 | Review of Batham Arkham City - PC

When you thought that the first Batman was perfect, arrives this sequel and blow out any bad expectations. Batman: Arkham City took everything that made the first game excellent and expanded on it tenfold: brilliant story, improved combat system, a second (even a third) playable character a new range of enemies from the Batman universe, new locations and a new set of Riddler games for collectibles. This game is a great title from 2011 and should be part the collection of any gamer. However, I give it a 80 only for its terrible performance in DirectX 11, a mistake that Rocksteady commit themselves to solve but they haven't... even more than a year from its release!!


Better than I expected

abelfs | March 24, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution (1) - PC

Hitman Absolution is to the Hitman saga what Splinter Cell Conviction is to splinter cell series. This is a great game with a great stealth action shooter with an engaging story and amazing graphics. In my opinion, this game reinforces all the aspects that were weak in the previous games. The AI is good, but there are some mistakes for example when you detonate an explosive in front of everyone and just 'hiding yourself' checking a computer you are automatically invisible for the guards. Another thing that I didn't like was that you cannot choose your weapons at the beginning of each level of the campaign mode. More than once I missed my silent silverballers in order to kill a target. However, this is a very good game and worth buying if you liked the previous Hitmans or not.


Could have been better

abelfs | March 13, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite v2 DLC Bundle - PC

Sniper Elite V2 gets halfway to what would have been a great game recreating the figure of the snipers. Everything about the sniper experience is nice: breath holding, realistic ballistics bullet drop and wind, the amazing slow deaths when we accurate shots... Besides, the elements that enhance stealth are also interesting, But the work made in other aspects are not as good: The close range shot system is totally unsatisfactory, the enemy AI fails and the respawn is quite unlikely in most situations, excessively linear level design. The game could have been tremendously effective and spectacular that key elements would have been solved. Sniper Elite V2 confirms that not everything must be a sniper shooting at 200 mettres away.


What it could have been...

abelfs | March 3, 2013 | Review of Krater (1) - PC

Krater arrived with the promise of being an original and revolutionary action RPG that would depose the throne of Torchlight, one of the finest indie RPG games. When the game was released, it was plenty of bugs and it always crashed. However, now it's completely different. Krate has recieved major fixes and it's much more stable and the best part, it has a Co-op mode now! Krater is a game with a gameplay that reminds to the Diablo saga, only that you control three characters at once. The atmosphere of the game is kind of particular, set in a colorful post-apocalyptic Sweden. If you like RPG, atleast give this game a chance. It deserves much more!


A must-have pack

abelfs | March 3, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider Ultimate Bundle - PC

Who don't know who Lara is?? I have been playing all the Tomb Raider since their respective releases and I shall recommend this pack for any adventure-game-fan. Be a witness of the evolution of Lara Croft games and surround yourself visiting practically all corners of Earth in this pack. Of course, there could be some black sheeps inside the Tomb Raider family (like the forgeteable Angel of Darkness) but they will not ruin the purchase after all.


The sensation of being the precursor of a new era

abelfs | March 3, 2013 | Review of Civilisation V GOLD (1) - PC

Sid Meyer has the ability of sucking the soul from your body with his games and he keeps up with this Civilization. The factor of jumping into the next full work days grants the happiness in victory over the other Civilizations is still there. The new policy choices are a great new take on the game. However there are some AI bugs that can make worst the experience, above all comparing to CIV 4. However, you should still buy it because with all the DLCs and the Gods and Kings expansion you will have weeks (or months) of fun.


The power of Metal!!

abelfs | Feb. 24, 2013 | Review of Brutal Legend - PC

I played this game when was released on XBOX 360 and when I saw it for PC I bought it without hesitation. You will feel breathless while you go through its story. At first you'll find a Hack N' Slash to pass to a sandbox experience driving an infernal car with the rhythm of an epic heavy metal soundtrack; with groups like Dragonforce, Ozzy Osbourne (who also appears in the game as a character), Motörhead, Juda Priest, Megadeth or Manowar. The more you play, the more surprises you will find. There will be also levels where you manage an army like a real time-strategy game. Buy it and surround yourself by the power of metal!!


Amusement for any age!!

abelfs | Feb. 20, 2013 | Review of LEGO Batman The Videogame Steam - PC

Fun and humorous game. Story is told without dialogues, but with humorous actions of the lego characters versions of batman. Perhaps it could be too easy, except the final bosses, which are a bit hard to work out but once you solve it they are easy to defeat them. A very enjoyable lego game for all audiences, no matter young or old.


The Revolution of 3D adventure games

abelfs | Feb. 19, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider I - PC

This ambitious game brought the revolution of the 3rd person adventure games. It is an action-adventure game with a survival and realistic component.The variety of actions are breathtaking for a game of its age. It's a timeless classic full to the brim with atmosphere, mystery, great music and fantastic (if now dated) visuals. Many people would say that the controls are frustating, but that is the basis of its high difficulty. No pain no gain.


Little step back regarding its predecessors

abelfs | Feb. 19, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider III - PC

I don't know why but when I finished this one I found disappointment expecting something better than the other two. The levels are too long and the difficulty is the hardest of the saga. I dislike the huge environments that uncovers the limitations of the game. However, it still have its moments and you'll enjoy it if you are a Lara follower.


The best TR of the saga

abelfs | Feb. 19, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation - PC

This game is not a Tomb Raider, it IS Tomb Raider. It pick all the elements that made the first Tomb Raider famous 1996, but with improvements. TR IV is settled mainly in Egypt, and the sense of wonder from level to level is astounding. Puzzles must be solved in a different way (even with action integrated), and there some memorables like "dice game". There are not "traditional" boss fights, but you will use your guns a lot. What about the story?? Just amazing and epic as the perfect Tomb Raider should be. Buy it without hesitating.


The worst of the saga by far

abelfs | Feb. 19, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider VI The Angel of Darkness - PC

Storyline and atmosphere is nice, but thats all. For each hour you play, youll spend at least 30 minutes saving and reloading. The controls are horrible and with plenty of bugs! You cant really enjoy the game because every time you complete one lil jump, you have to save because your probably going to die the very next step you take. its very tedious and frustrating. If it wasnt for the fact that i want to see how it ends i would have quit.


Boardwalk Empire made videogame!!

abelfs | Jan. 31, 2013 | Review of Omerta City of Gangsters - PC

The gameplay reminds me to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The combat is turn-based with a RPG component.When you're not killing the competence, you'll have to rule administrative aspects related to the expansion of your zone and avoiding the law. In general, the game has some good ideas. Unfortunately, it does release its potential. An overall a feeling of crudeness remains and the repetitive gameplay can't captivate.


Worse than the first part

abelfs | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Still Life 2 - PC

As the First Life, the story is involved and engaging, it reminds to the saw movies. Nevertheless the locations are very repetitive; and the inventory system takes a step backwards. About the gameplay, the game is a genuine piece of art marred by poor delivery and execution. Because of its bugs, you'll die a lot. However, if you are capable to finish it without a walk-through, the satisfaction you'll get with your efforts will be worth-buying.


One of the best graphical adventures in years!!

abelfs | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Still Life - PC

Since The Longest Journey, I was expecting for a Point-and-click game which makes me forgive its imperfections (illogical moments, bad animations, easiness...) only because its fabulous story and atmosphere (divided between two different periods). Highly recommendable for rookies of the genre (and experts if they value the story).


Elemental adventure game

abelfs | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Secret Files Tunguska (1) - PC

Classical point-and-click adventure. The story starts pretty good, but it turns into a confusing plot halfway into the game. The interface is good. the visuals are fine for its age. However, the voice acting is horrible and most part of the puzzles are just trial and error. Basically, it is similar to The Longest Journey, only that Secret Files is worse.


Clearly the worst of the saga

abelfs | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Secret Files 3 - PC

I expected this third part and when I tested it Ithe only thing I have obtained was a huge disappointment. The story sucks big time, puzzles and mini-games are boring (except the "statue-rocking" game, which was hard and also boring), graphics are not pretty and customizable main menu pointless.


Amoral Magic Theme Park with lots of fun!!

abelfs | Jan. 30, 2013 | Review of Dungeonland - PC

Dungeonland is a classic coop dungeon crawler mixed with elements of the original role table. However, besides the three heroes (warrior, rogue and mage), each one controlled by a player; a fourth player can enter in the game as the Dungeonland's Game Master. This character will be against the other 3 players using traps and monsters in order to stop the heroes progress, becoming a funny 3 against 1 funny game. Highly recommendable if you play it with another 3 friends!!


When I thought that my expectations were low...

abelfs | Jan. 29, 2013 | Review of Postal III (1) - PC

This game arrives and crushes all my thoughts... for worse!! Maybe I should consider the Postal saga as the "Plan 9 of outer Space" of the videogames. I think that the creators' intention was to make this bad/horrible/buggy game just to say it is a good one just because it is too bad. The gameplay is terribly; with stiff controls, poor animations, bad UI design choices and long loading times. Even the writing is terrible, as Postal 3 shamelessly recycles jokes from Postal 2 in a very clumsy/glitchy manner, and makes no effort to introduce new elements. Don't buy it unless you want to build a house of creep.


Yes, it is a Gears of War clone, but..

abelfs | Jan. 29, 2013 | Review of Inversion EU - PC

This is a underrated game, people compare it always to to GOW when they should take for what it is. It reminded me a bit to the case of Spec Ops: The Line. The thing is, if you enjoy 3rd person shooters, you should you definitely try this. The gameplay is pretty standard cover-based shooter with some low gravity characteristics. The graphics are good and the environments of the game are well designed and not repetitive. The plot might not be solid but it has very interesting twists (wait for the ending). The two buts that has the game is its short single player-campaign (lasting 6-7 hours) and a multiplayer that could have been better.


Funny Deaths

abelfs | Jan. 29, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition EU (1) - PC

This game is just that amazing. Don't be scared by its difficulty, in the beginning the game will feel really unforgiving, but actually it's just you who isn't used to it yet, every time you die you don't blame the game, you blame yourself because it's usually your own fault (except those instant death traps moments). The game had a rocky start on the pc since the creators did a terrible port, but luckily on the news page is a link to a modder who fixed all the graphical problems, I would also recommend setting the keys to your own preferences or using a controller since the default system will have you dying each 3 minutes or less (guaranteed).


New Dante, new mechanics

abelfs | Jan. 29, 2013 | Review of DMC Devil May Cry - PC

This game was an entire surprise. Many people feared that the general change of the saga could have ruined everything. But it doesn't. The gameplay has changed (in my opinion for good), in this DMC you have two buttons to use your sword or other melee weapon, easing the way you chain the combos. However the mechanics are much more deeper because you will be forced to use the different weapons in the game depending on the type of enemy and, of course, in order to gain the classical stylish points. The visuals are stunning, with a scenery that reminds Dali's paintings. Perhaps the new Dante may not be pleasing for everyone (even for me, he looks like a Twilight vampire), but Ninja Theory did well to revitalize the saga.


The sequel that the original Deus Ex deserved

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

It reminded me to Vampire: Bloodlines. Great atmosphere, first and third person alternation in the gameplay, RPG component and variety in the situations. 5 hours into the game I have been able to dig deep into the core and see what play "Human Revolution" is truly like, and it is good. I feel like they captured the original perfectly. not only cheap knock of made, like Invisible War, to make money. The cover system really enhanced the way I was able to go through levels. The tiny details made me feel like I was not only killing and knocking out bad guys, but actually uncovering secrets I wasn't supposed to know. If you are a fan of the original or FPS games in general, I *highly* recommend this game.


Underrated sequel

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Crysis 2 Maximum Edition EU - PC

Why such a controversy?? A game is not only graphics, there are more factors; and crucify Crysis 2 only because the visuals are not as stunishing and revolutionary as the first Crysis is not fair. Graphics apart, this sequel improves all the aspects of the first one. The controls are more intuitive, nanosuit powers are more accessible and its use is more justified than its first part. The story is not one of his best shots (neither was the first one) but is correct, and the OST is just incredible. If you like the FPS this game is a must.


A fiercest graphical beast

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Crysis - PC

No doubt. Crysis is the game with the best graphics ever, even after 5 years from its release. Furthermore, he gameplay is really enjoyable, fast and exciting. It's not only with guns, the main character haves a Nanosuit, where he can be invisible, where he can have an electric armor, where he can be stronger and where he can be incredibly fast. Well, gameplay is really unique, is like 50% sandbox! You feel like a bad-ass while playing Crysis. The story is decent, and It haves intense moments. Crysis is just amazing, a must!


Good game, but basically the same

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Crysis Warhead - PC

If you dislike the first Crysis (something doubtful), don't buy this one. Very much Crysis style but with a lot more packed into 5 hours of mayhem much to the style of 'Psycho'. The Cry engine 2 seems to definitely have had its optimization improved as the game actually looks better but also runs better than the original. The action is more intense but its not to say that there aren't areas where you will make use of being stealthy. Just enjoy it!


The repercussions of making a game for everyone

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Commandos 3 Destination Berlin - PC

The missions of the previous Commandos were long and difficult, not for everyone. Pyro Studios took note and made a game more accessible in order to be more commercial, but betraying all the fans that have gained since Behind the Enemy Lines". The result is a good strategy game, but without the satisfaction when you complete the missions...


The evolution between Commandos and its second part!

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty - PC

Difficult as hell, the game requires patience, because your soldiers are going to die several times until you find out how to proceed in each mission, but the satisfaction that you obtain when you complete a level with all your time alive is immense. Please note that its not a first-person-shooter game, but it gives a birds eye view to play the game with real time strategies. Buy it if you like real time strategy!!


One of the best Spanish productions

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Commandos Behind Enemy Lines - PC

Overall, a good game with strong plot in each episode. If you are not the kind to enjoy first-person-shooter game and want to immerse yourself to WWII environment, then this is the game for you. The graphics is as good as you can get during the period of 1998-99, and it requires patience and effort to deal with each episode in the game.


A better but easier game than its predecessor

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Commandos 2 Men of Courage - PC

One of the best games that I have ever played of its genre. And it is a Spanish creation (yes, I am from Spain). There's this excellent aura that works well with pretty graphics for 2.5D and its level of difficulty. There's nothing more fun than setting up a plan and killing a myriad of enemies. Once you find out how manage with the new controls, you'll find that the game is easier than the first Commandos. First, you have to accept that this isn't a rambo style game but more of a stealth and conquer. Design gets a 9 for the time it was made. The OST is incredible.. Gameplay is fluid and not restrictive for 2.5D. Plot is average, like all 2nd World War based games, but it pans out nicely. Highly recommendable.


Very nice game...but it is not Resident Evil

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Resident Evil 5 - PC

When Capcom released Resident Evil 4, the public was splitted in two: The ones who crucified the saga and the ones that gave it a chance. I am from the second group. This fifth part continues the tradition initiated by RE4, improving many of its elements, but sacrificing even more the horror component, which was the main essence of the saga. However, the game that we have here is pretty amazing. Many people complained about the PC port of this game. I just ended it on my computer, and I'll tell you: after 1-2 hours you get used to movements and shooting. If you're discouraged at first, you'll soon manage to enjoy this beautiful gaming experience. Great story, great graphics, good game mechanics. The only negative thing I have to complan about is Sheva. God. She wastes tons of ammo, walks around like an idiot (during one of the final fights this becomes VERY annoying) and, appearently, can't shoot at alligators. Play this game with a friend of yours, and it'll be even better.


What a surprise!!

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Beyond Good and Evil - PC

This game is a rarity. It defies many game stereo types without being something so far out there and strange that no one wants to play it. The main character is a female who actually wears clothes and is a living breathing character with depth, motives and her own perspective. Not, like many video game female characters, who are created to be saved or gawked at. The others characters are also fantastic. The game has a lot of variety and all the attempted game mechanics work well for the most part. A very well written story that is in some ways parallel to current events and different views of events that we see today. The art style is fantastic making you look past polygons. I recommend it highly.


After Nolan's films the game could not be worst!!

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Steam - PC

I heard from friends and magazines that this game was incredible. Once I played it, the high scores are well deserved. You will never get bored with its attractive gameplay and visual style (no mention about are the outstanding Scarecrow moments). The AI in terms of the enemy not being able to see batman when he's right in front of them at times, but really? It's the Dark Knight and when combined with I don't know darkness he shouldnt be to easy to spot. But there was a thing that really pissed me off, and it was that you will find the game a bit "childish" if you compare it with the original comic in which the story is based (the Grant Morrison's and Dave McKean's masterpiece is one of the most twisted and violent stories of Batman).


When you thought that Arkham Asylum was perfect...

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year (1) - PC

...arrives this sequel and blow out any bad expectations. Batman: Arkham City took everything that made the first game excellent and expanded on it tenfold: brilliant story, improved combat system, a second (even a third) playable character a new range of enemies from the Batman universe, new locations and a new set of Riddler games for collectibles. This game is a great title from 2011 and should be part the collection of any gamer.


When Max Payne becomes a horror story

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

These guys of Remedy are genius. While I was playing, Max Payne 1 and 2 came to my mind, even when the gameplay and atmosphere are completely different. Alan Wake is a game where you fight shadow monsters who are invincible until they are hit with light. The story is suspenseful, mysterious, and with that particular sense of humour made in Remedy. Highly recommendable. Play it if you're looking for a more unique action/adventure game with a nice story.


Please, don't review it as a sequel!!

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Alan Wakes American Nightmare - PC

Hmmm not bad for a spin-off, but the problem is that it is much less immersive than the first Alan Wake (one of the keys of its success, but it's still really interesting to play. However, gameplay became more dynamic, and the storyline is good, Mr. Scratch is a perfectly-written character. In addition, it was really interesting to find out what happened with other characters of the franchise. Once again, it's a spin-off, not a sequel, and that's why a player can't expect something extraordinary from this game.


.........Worst than the first Mafia

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Mafia II - PC

I have been waiting for this game to happen for years now, and when it finally comes out, it falls short of the first game. The graphics were stunning (specially if you can run it on physx). Admittedly I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the game, but I started to notice a sense of repetition in the gameplay. It had it's ups and downs (brilliant tribute to the first game in the middle of the game), but at least I expected a better ending. I felt cheated that the game was so short (finished it under 10 hours).


Best DMC ever??

abelfs | Jan. 14, 2013 | Review of Devil May Cry 4 - PC

No kidding. This is the best DMC ever made always that you accept the fact that the main character is not our beloved Dante, but Nero. This is a case that reminds to other fantastic games like Metal Gear Solid 2, where you spend the 75% of the game playing with a new character instead of the one you were playing in its previous games. However, the game is fun as hell. Adrenaline pumping, good story, great combat system, and incredible graphics that have aged very well (but I still waiting a DMC with physics).


Whaaaaaat a great surprise

abelfs | Jan. 4, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

After reviewing infinite games, I could get this one for free at GMG (thanks!!) and I decided to give it a try believing that it would be another shooter made for multiplayer. How wrong I was... The campaign is its most powerful weapon, with a story that keeps you playing until the end (with Jimi hendrix' A Merman I Should Turn to Be in the ending), a solid gameplay, and its atmosphere of madness and destruction (Dubai rules!!). Knowing the situation in THQ, now I feel guilty for not have paid what this games deserves.


An unknown GOTY candidate

abelfs | Jan. 2, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown POST - PC

One of the sleepers of this year. Very nice strategy game with a RPG component, easy to play but complex on its mechanics. The visuals are not the best, but serve on their purpose. A pity that it will not be a GOTY candidate just because there is no place for that kind of games...


Better and harder sequel (something weird coming from EA)

abelfs | Dec. 17, 2012 | Review of Dead Space 2 - PC

First of all I'll start with its only imperfection: The story is worst than the first Dead Space. It's not bad, but is less complex for sure. Now let's talk about its pros: The game is amazing. The graphics are quite low-end, but it is wrapped up so well that you will never notice it, except for those brief moments when you have to observe the save station or some corpses. This is clearly the scariest series in history. After playing the first part, not a single horror movie will scare you. After playing both... At least I forgot what fear means... It is incredibly sick and sadistic and well, everything you would expect from a game made my maniacs... Great game. Hard, scary, beautiful, dynamic, tense, sadistic. Ultimate challenge for your nerves... and your sanity.


The game with the most trolling monsters

abelfs | Dec. 17, 2012 | Review of Dead Space - PC

Very good atmospheric game at maximum difficulty. The AI of the monsters is not conceived to killing you, first they have to scare you because the will always try to catch you back in order to make you jump. Nevertheless, one big fail is the final boss (game is not needed bosses at all IMHO, but last one is complete dumb). Anyway, very good space horror with a great story that has different interpretations. Remember: play it on higher difficulties.


First thought when you see the game: WOOOOOOW!!!

abelfs | Dec. 17, 2012 | Review of The Witcher II Assassins of Kings - PC

After 60 hours played and 2 times finished. I can guarantee that this is one of the best role games ever (die of envy, JRPG!!!). There are several choices that will change the plotline, but unlike Mass Effect, KOTOR or Dragon Age; you will not make decisions by yourself. There are not good or bad solutions, there are Geralt's solutions, based in what would he do, perhaps you will not agree with the possible paths, but you are not the center of attention, and that is something that gives its own personality. The combat system is superb and the graphics are...........buffff, how can I say it: AMAZINGORGEOUTSTANDING!!


The best game of its franchise (for now)

abelfs | Dec. 17, 2012 | Review of Hitman Blood Money - PC

The first Hitman was great but since then IO have been improving its formula. The first thing that I love above all of its predecessors is its story. You have just to watch the main menu and its first video to understand that you are in the deepest, personal and darkest adventure of Agent 47. The rest of the gameplay is just improved due to the advances in the technology. If you enjoyed (or not) the older Hitmans, you will love it


A game with 2 faces, like 47

abelfs | Dec. 17, 2012 | Review of Hitman 2 Silent Assassin - PC

You have 2 choices to enjoy this game: The first one, killing everyone who appears on screen, playing to a correct action game, but not a big deal. You second option: Trying to complete all the missions using stealth, playing one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. The choice is yours!


Dont' trust the bold people!!

abelfs | Dec. 17, 2012 | Review of Hitman Codename 47 - PC

This game is amazing, one of the sleeper of its era. I remember playing it, and yes, it's hard, but that makes it even greater to finish. I love the story, with its twists. I don't understand the complaints about the missing save function, it made it even more genious! Yes, it was extremely frustrating to die right at the end, and having to start over, but it made everything far more intense and realistic. I am proud that Denmark has made something as great as this.


One of the most undervalued FPS

abelfs | Dec. 17, 2012 | Review of Bulletstorm - PC

Bulletstorm is the most BADASS game ever made by human being, even more than Borderlands. Really crazy killings, in which the main mechanic is based, good story and beautiful graphics based on Unreal Engine 3. What else do you want? Kill with skill baby!


As brilliant as FIFA 12, but with some improvements

abelfs | Dec. 17, 2012 | Review of FIFA 13 - PC

Once again, FIFA is more worth-buying than PES, just because the gameplay is better. There are improvements in the gameplay (except some bugs in the AI) and in the game modes. Highly recommendable!!


The consequences of living in the shade of a predecessor...

abelfs | Dec. 17, 2012 | Review of BioShock 2 - PC

This sequel to the first part as Project Origin is to F.E.A.R. Partly because the magic and wonder is not here any longer, part because of its uninspired corridors, part of the lack of belief that you are a big daddy (yeah a big daddy whose ass can be wooped by 2 splicers with a wrench) However, it has a great story, great set pieces and solid action mechanics. To call it Bioshock 2 however is missleading. This game should be an expansion. Its still worth a look but i suggest to buy it in an offer.


The deepest game in history (literally and metaphorically)

abelfs | Dec. 17, 2012 | Review of BioShock - PC

2K's "Bioshock" cannot be handled as a game. Sure, the gameplay's solid and smooth, but that's not what makes "Bioshock" a masterpiece; it's the story and its atmosphere. The different scenarios will tell you more than one story, while the main plot is deeply immersive, powerful, and frightning. The broad, beautiful visuals overrides the (kinda) muddy textures. Through the eyes of Jack, a dystopian society of greed and corruption is seen underwater. Is man truly innocent and can their crimes be washed away? Such sophisticated question was never asked before in a game, and "Bioshock" answers the prompt back with such epicness and horror,The rest of GOTY are just noob compared to this jewel!!


Better than Dishonored

abelfs | Dec. 15, 2012 | Review of Dark Messiah Might Magic - PC

I think that it is the perfect comparison: same studio, same gameplay... Even the graphics are better regarding the technology used. The RPG component suits perfectly to the character progression, which can be divided in 3 aspects (fighting, stealth or magic) that affects the way you can play. 100% recommendable!!



abelfs | Dec. 10, 2012 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Nexway (1) - PC

The first impression of what is yet to come is when the main theme sounds, a song that you will hear again when you are fighting dragons, experiencing one of the most vibrating moments ever playing a video game. Summery in a few words - "The BEST Elder Scrolls to date". Even those who loved Morrowind and liked Oblivion will LOVE this one. Though some PC specific UI would have been nice. Like implementation of hotkeys. Still the sheer number of content will surprise you....... guaranteed.


New DLC, new contents, new experiences

abelfs | Dec. 10, 2012 | Review of Battlefield 3 Aftermath - PC

Fourth DLC of the EA DICE GAME. Urban struggle where you will manage civilian vehicles and trenches. Battlefield 3: Aftermath takes us to the streets and parks to cross fire in a hyper-realistic battle with four new maps, three new vehicles (Phoenix, Barsuk and Rhino) and a new Scavenger mode (similar to Conquest Domination, but starting only with a knife, a grenade and a revolver). Highly recommendable if you are a DLC buyer


FEAR is the last thing I obtained from this

abelfs | Dec. 10, 2012 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

The hype generated about this game was interesting, but the hard reality knocks when you hit this game. The plot of its predecesors was OK, why they had to sign John Carpenter for this one. They could have save the money making improvements to the game, because it's embarrassing that the second part kicks it in graphics and gameplay. The only way to enjoy it is playing the campaign in Co-op.


Fine sequel (just fine)

abelfs | Dec. 10, 2012 | Review of FEAR 2 Project Origin (1) - PC

It repeats the same concepts as the first one. Unfortunately, it's not enough to be as good as its predecesor. Yes, the graphics are better (but not enough), the storyline is good (but worst than the other) and the scary moments are frequent (more than the fist part but less effective).


One of the best FPS ever!!

abelfs | Dec. 10, 2012 | Review of FEAR (1) - PC

And that's it. Best graphics for its age, spectacular and intuitive shoot-outs, the storyline is superb, the atmosphere is immersive and above all.......ALMA!! You will jump from your seat and scream like a little child when another little child scares you in certain points (the others will be just gripping).


If this is not the GOTY Death will come for you

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Darksiders II - PC

I considered the first Darksiders a jewel because I've never seen a mixture of genres with such quality. Darksiders II improves that and more. One mention for the excellent visual style, bravo! Only two issues: Terrible port and a plot that is worse than the first game.


Epic beauty

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Trine - PC

This game reminds me to an old jewel called The Vikings. You have to switch between all three different characters in a fun and exciting platformer in order to solve puzles and defeat monsters. Beautiful game which can be fully enjoyed in co-op!!


When Max Payne becomes a horror story

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Alan Wake Collectors Upgrade - PC

These guys of Remedy are f**** genious. While I was playing, Max Payne 1 and 2 came to my mind, even when the gameplay and atmosphere are completely different. Alan Wake is a game where you fight shadow monsters who are invincible until they are hit with light. The story is suspenseful, mysterious, and with that particular sense of humour made in Remedy. Highly recommendable. Play it if you're looking for a more unique action/adventure game with a nice story.


What should I do?? Tell me, narrator...

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Bastion - PC

Bastion is not an original game, but it's one of the best indie games conceived. Handcrafted, polished and hand-painted 2D visual style; bullet-proof gameplay; but the aspect of this game that made it a masterpiece is the highly detailed narration. It engages you like few games can, and adds a totally different look on the story. Immediately, it connects you with the main character giving you a portal into the character of his personal thoughts that you wouldn't otherwise have. It seamlessly creates a story book feel while at the same time it feels like you are writing the narrators lines before your eyes. Even if you find a path that isn't the main one, or you just spam buttons or sit there, the narrator will comment about it. I gave it a 9/10 because once it's finished there is not much replay-ability.


Cartoon shooting

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Borderlands - PC

Great FPS with RPG elements and cell-shaded graphics. Borderlands is ok in singleplayer, but If you want a good Co-op game, the experience will be perfect. This game is among my beloved ones because it introduced me a fantastic group called "Cage the Elephant". Can't wait to play its sequel.


Zombies in paradise

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Dead Island - PC

The mechanic is a mixture between Left 4 Dead and Borderlands, but with more melee combat and a more realistic atmosphere. There are some bugs, like the false and funny shadow that casts your character when he/she is running. The visuals are stunishing and the gameplay is interesting, but when you play two hours or more in a row it could be repetitive. Anyway it is highly recommendable if you like productions like the Walking Dead (indeed the regular zombies were called "walkers")


The hype made me think it would be one of the best, but...

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Dishonored Nextway - PC

Very nice single-player game. I like to give titles of games to see what it looks like, and this will not be an exception. It seems that Bioshock have been "enThiefed". It has a great atmosphere and freedom in the gameplay with variety in the missions, you can complete the game in a lot of ways. However, I saw the story a bit predictible, and I expected a more satisfying sandbox and RPG experience.


More of the same, but better

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Shank 2 - PC

If you liked the first one, you will enjoy this one too. An old school hack n' slash. It improves the mechanic and you'll have the chance to play with a female character. If the story wasn't one of the strong points in the other Shank, the plot in this one is nearly invisible. Play it with a partner and the satisfaction will be bigger.


Max, is that you??

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Max Payne 3 - PC

Max Payne is back and this is, without a doubt, the most intense and enjoyable 3rd Person Shooter of this generation. The shootouts are pure adrenaline, the physics system is impressive, great optimization, the characterization of Max as a broken man is really well done... HOWEVER, the Max payne essence was in the shadow of Remedy, not Rockstar. More than once I had the feeling that I was playing a game that is not Max Payne. That ironical and black humour present in the plot of the first two games is missing.


As good as the first Max Payne + Physics

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Max Payne II - PC

It is still one of the best and most solid Third Person Shooters. The visuals reached a higher (even more mature) level than in the first game, the graphics were as good as they were possible back then (even current titles have a hard time creating as good character graphics as Max Payne 2 had) and the action itself is as exciting and cool as it can be. That implementation of physics is one of the best of its generation. The only BUT was that the plot was good, but not better than the first Max Payne; and a lower difficulty even in the highest level.


The bright side of crude oil

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of World of Goo - PC

Amazing game, even more knowing that so few people worked on it. I love the concept and the design of the levels. The physical effects are very well implemented and it can be used in many ways in order to make progress. There's moments in which you feel like an architect!! The independant video game industry shows that some people can still innovate. The only but is that it is too short, something very common in the indie games...


What a sleeper!!

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Darksiders (1) - PC

This game was an entire surprise!! It starts as a commons hack'n slash like DMC or God of War, only to develop into a Zelda, a Soul Reaver, a Portal, etc. It's amazing the mixture of genres. However, it achieves its own personality. Hoping for Darksiders 3!!


Alice meets the gorest Tim Burton......again!!

abelfs | Dec. 9, 2012 | Review of Alice Madness Returns - PC

I was just a teenager when I played the first Alice, and it was one of the most immersive games I ever played (with some bugs in the gameplay, but still a marvellous game). When I heard about this sequel I could just bite my nails. When it arrived I played it and I could just say: Bravo!! Still as good as the first one, but even better. All the little bugs that were in the first one are fix here, and the artistic direction......incredible. The only thing I mourn is that I could not enjoy it with Physx (I'm an ATI user).


Only for your eyes

abelfs | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Dear Esther - PC

I don't know what happened to this game that made me relaxed, nostalgic and at the same time frightened. The gameplay is just walking, walking and walking, you can't neither jump. However, it is not necessary. Just surrender to the beautiful landscapes and its sad story.


A Doom game mixed with Bladerruner. Where do I sign??

abelfs | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Hard Reset - PC

Basically the indie game with the best graphics I've ever seen. The gameplay is all old-school. It reminded me to Painkiller (except for the ambientation of course). Perhaps there could have been more types of enemies. Just play and enjoy it!!


A Mass Effect aimed to the action

abelfs | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Mass Effect 2 - PC

What if you decide to change the Original Mass Effect for a shooter gameplay sacrificing a few of the RPG elements?? Well, that's what you get with this one. However, it is not a bad game. Bioware did a very good job conceiving this game. The IA of both enemies and allies is improved and the combat experience is more satisfying.


Perhaps the best RPG I played in years

abelfs | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition - PC

What can I say about it?? A wonderful story and atmophere, the gameplay is the perfect heritage of Baldur's Gate. even better. Long and plenty of possibilities. The visuals are not its best but serve their purpose. Just buy it and you won't regret it!!


Don't know why the controversy

abelfs | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Mass Effect 3 - PC

It's incredible that a game that is the zenith of one of the best modern sagas could have been defenestrated by the majority of its fans ONLY by the ending. I know, it could have been improvable, but what about the other 99% of the game??? Absolutely a masterpiece, I missed the RPG component of the first part, but it was something that I expected after the second Mass Effect.


A jewel with a improvable gameplay

abelfs | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Tomb Raider Underworld - PC

This game is the last part of the storyline made by Legend and Anniversary, and it is certainly the most different game of the trilogy. The visuals are much more stunishing than the other two games, and the gameplay and puzzles are conceived with very good intentions, but some bugs just tarnish the experience of a game that could have been outstanding...


Better than the original??

abelfs | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Tomb Raider Anniversary - PC

Awesome remake, I remember when I play the first Tomb Raider when I had the PSone and what made me feel. It was a strange feeling when I tried this one: a mixture of nostalgic and new gameplay where you don't have hatefull delays on jumping a point to another. Perhaps the best Tomb Raider in this generation.


The same...always the same

abelfs | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Worms Reloaded - PC

I loved Worms: Armageddon, so you can imagine my surprise when Reloaded hit Steam. All the joys of Armageddon with updated graphics and new weapons? Sign me up, I said! Unfortunately, this game isn't all it's cracked up to be, and is best described as "one step forward, one step backwards. a sequel should at least try to include what was in the original before adding new content. Sure, now your worms can wear hats, and there are new gravestones and the like, but half the weapons and options from Armageddon are gone!


100% Survival

abelfs | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of I AM ALIVE - PC

A game 100% survival. A realistic atmosphere that has very nice ideas and ooze originality in the combat. The big BUT in the game can be found in the way you control your character while climbing or fighting, very imprecise. However, it is a game that must be played if you like an adventure where the main goal is to survive.


A classic about classics

abelfs | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

Probably the hardest indie game. Difficult as hell, this platformer is a clear tribute which winks classics like Street Fighter, Super Mario or Bit Trip (in fact, you can control the character of the last one). You'll die thousands of times, but you'll never get bored


Tooooooooooooooo simple...

abelfs | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Plants vs Zombies Game of the Year Edition - PC

A curious idea with a fine sense of humour. However, it is very simplistic in all of its aspects. Basically you'll have to protect your house from a plague of zombies using every plant you've got for attacking and defending. The variety of plants is amazing, however, you can finish the game using the same type of plants...


An original RPG with an original atmosphere!!

abelfs | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of The Witcher II Assassins of Kings - PC

Except the storyline, this sequel has few aspects in common with the first part. The RPG mechanics could be the same: You earn XP defeating enemies and completing missions in order to level up, and then use a skill point you earn to learn and improve abitilities. The rest is completely different: A combat system based on a good beat em'up game; a new graphics engine that provides one of the best benchmarks; a story and atmosphere that accurates the original books (yes, I read them too), etc.


A totally classic must!

abelfs | Dec. 8, 2012 | Review of Thief Gold - PC

When you rate a game, you must pay attention to the moment it was released. With almost 15 years, Thief was a revolutionary stealth game that will test you rabilities in the dark. Surround by its atmosphere and enjoy this jewel that still shines nowadays.