Reviews by achinberg


Unpolished but improving

achinberg | Nov. 13, 2013 | Review of Total War Rome II Post - PC

Like many of the recent releases Total War:Rome 2 was FULL of bugs at release. The load times were terrible even on my speedy SSD, the AI was somewhat smart in basic situations, but downright handicapped in most. Gamers new to the series get a shotty introduction with minimal explanation of the buildings, economy, and other ways to win besides conquest. To be honest I never actually finished a game win or lose. My first save was corrupted and even though I put hours into my second attempt I was no where close to resolution. I get the feeling this will be just as lengthy regardless of difficulty or other settings. With my complaints out of the way I still found Total War to be an addicting experience. The combat is my favorite part of the game and it happens often. I cannot comment on multiplayer as I have not yet played any, but I imagine it would be a nice reprieve after witnessing countless AI blunders. There have been a few patches since my initial experience with this game. Load Tim's have been decreased and many of the bugs have been resolved. Sadly the initial disappointment and frustration with Total War all but ruined the experience for me. It's a shame because this game has a lot of potential and as time goes on I expect gameplay to improve to the level I had expected when I first played. This will be one I come back to, but for now has lost its hard earned spot on my SSD.


Bugs Aside, it's Worth the Buy

achinberg | Nov. 6, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 NA (1) - PC

Battlefield 4 is the latest military shooter from Dice and publisher EA. Even after putting a good number of hours into the campaign and online modes of Battlefield 4 it is a hard game to review. Fans of the series, especially Battlefield 3, will recognize a lot of the same core battlefield experiences that make the franchise. Destruction, vehicles, huge maps, and team play are still the foundation of both online and campaign. Graphics are definitely an improvement from battlefield 3 even on my outdated 1gb graphics card. Sound has always impressed me in Battlefield games and this is no exception. With full surround sound system or headset this game shines. Satisfying bass resounds from nearby explosions and most weapons have a distinct roar when emptying a mag. Combine this with the new commander mode issuing verbal commands and your squad mates responding to snipers in the distance or a grenade at your feet and have an incredible immersive experience from the audio alone. This experience can be destroyed abruptly by crashes and server disconnects that are currently plaguing PC at the moment. I expect there to be bugs, but some days when I can hardly play 15 minutes without losing my experience, my connection, and my squad the game simply isn't worth the effort. Overall I love the Battlefield experience once again in Battlefield 4 as it truly is unique to the franchise. I'm frustrated with the bugs but my confidence in Dice to fix them and provide worthwhile expansions makes Battlefield 4 a very promising, if not totally polished, purchase.