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Keepin it Stylish! Yahoo!

aevanilla | Jan. 29, 2013 | Review of DMC Devil May Cry - PC

From the moment you start this game you can tell that it oozes style. Yea sure Dante is now sporting some sort of emo hairstyle and a less playful attitude but don't be fooled because this is the exact same Dante that we have all come to know and love. Graphics/Sound: The graphics in this game are amazing! Lots of bright colors and stylized visuals really bring the world of DmC to life. Even when running the game on high settings using an old Radeon HD5770 card, the game still looks great. Makes me want to get a newer card to see what I'm really missing. The sound is pretty great as well. Using a Triton AX720, the sounds come out crisp and clear. The soundtrack is awesome and greatly compliments the gameplay. Gameplay: Gameplay is what you would expect from a DMC game. No lock-on targeting here folks. It's a fast frenzied pace that will get you lost if you don't pay attention. The action can either be one giant cluster-f*ck of "what the hell is going on" OR be a graceful mixture of melee and ranged combat. You really have to pay attention to your enemies, movement, and combos if you want to even have a chance at the higher difficulty levels. I have yet to experience any slowdown even with a screen full of enemies. Replayability: Many different upgrades and powerups for Dante and his weapons will make you come back for more. Although some will find it a bit "grindy" it is not necessary to continue the story/game. For the most hardcore DmC players, new difficulty levels open up as you beat previous difficulty levels. True to previous DmC games, the difficulty really spikes up with a mode that kills Dante in 1 hit while enemies are harder/smarter. Story: The Dante story has been revamped for this game. You are now a half demon/half angel that is out for revenge. I don't want to say anything that spoils the game, but it is interesting. Not a very deep and complex story that you would get from an RPG, but good enough to keep the characters motivated and you playing. Conclusion: I would recommend this game to anyone that is a fan of action games. For previous DMC players, try and get over the new look and just give it a try, you'll see how similar it is and love it. There's also a "classic Dante" skin you can use for nostalgia. For people new to the series, prepare yourselves because this is one crazy game!


Fun and Rewarding

aevanilla | Jan. 27, 2013 | Review of Awesomenauts - PC

First, let me say that I have been playing Awesomenauts since the game released on the PS3. I have recently transitioned to PC gaming and I love the game so much that I bought it for the PC as well. Now, on to my review. The game is pretty simple and easy to pick up and play without having pre-knowledge of MOBA style games. The brief tutorial at the beginning explains everything you need to know about how the game plays. Then, you're left to explore on your own. I suggest going into training and testing out each character until you find the play style that best suits you. Each character is vastly different from the other and may take some time to get used to. For the most part, the characters are pretty balanced and continually being tweaked by the developers, and of course some characters are natural counters against others. Keep in mind that this is a very team oriented game. You can run around solo and just try to get some kills, but you won't win games doing just this. You need to work with your team mates in order to clear objectives and kill enemies. It can be very frustrating if you get stuck with uncooperative players or bots. Luckily though, most players I've come across are friendly and helpful. As you keep playing, you level up unlocking more abilities and enhancements. There are many different builds for the characters and many different ways to play 1 character. When you reach max level, you get the option to "Prestige" which will give you a special medal icon but reset your level back to 1. You can "Prestige" a maximum of 10 times so there's a lot of replayability if you want to max it all out. I highly recommend this game. It's a lot of game for the price and a terrific value. I also recommend getting a controller for this game as it makes it so much easier to play with one.