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FPS and horror at the same time

albundyclan | July 11, 2011 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

The single player was really short, that's bad. Story was OK, but I felt that the game was like 80% done. There were some stuff that I was missing ( the REAL FEAR atmosphere ). It was almost just about the " Shoot, Shoot, cutscene, SHOOT! cutscene, BOOO!, shoot! " Except at the end of the game. BUT the multiplayer is 94% Okay with me. There's already a free multiplayer for fear, but this game with the coop feature... Awesome! Horror ( er) game: Singleplayer alone. Action game: Coop, single player . All in all: Liked it, but I tried to think about it as a new game, not as a Fear sequel.