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One of the greatest platformers ever made

ale81drummer | May 21, 2013 | Review of Super Meat Boy - PC

If you're into platforming games at all, this is the game you want. It's so good, and so difficult that it'll make you want to fire up your SNES again and play some of the classics--in memory of when games were once challenging. In terms of difficulty, Super Meat Boy isn't quite on par with say...Super Ghouls N' Ghosts, but it's up there. The great thing about SMB is that levels are short, and when you die it's not a big deal to have to start over again. There's no loading screen or anything else to make you wait--you die and you're right back on screen again. It balances finely between frustration and reward, and the controls are so smooth and precise (on a Xbox 360 controller) that it won't be long before you start doing things you previously couldn't even imagine you were capable of. The levels are set up in such a way that you learn very intuitively all of the mechanics of the game without the need for a lengthy tutorial. You'll constantly say to yourself " THAT'S how it's done!", and you'll be so satisfied with yourself that you'll replay each level to get through it as quickly as possible. And there are a LOT of levels. Each level has two sides to them: a light side, and a dark side. The dark sides are optional in order to complete the game, but you'll want to play through them anyway, because once you get going in Super Meat Boy, you'll enjoy challenging yourself and seeing just how much you're capable of. You can even compete with others' scores online through leaderboards, if that's your thing, and besides the ridiculous amount of content that's already included in the game, you also have access to countless user-made levels. In short, this game will keep your thumbs busy for a good long while. And when you do beat it, even if it's just the bare minimum completion (which is still a huge challenge), you'll wear it like a badge. The soundtrack is also excellent, and the graphics, while simplistic and initially reminiscent of a flash game, are charming as hell and full of attitude, and very polished for an indie game. You'll have very little to complain about with Super Meat Boy, beyond how much each level kicks your ass, of course. But it's a great kind of ass-kicking; the kind that makes you want to try harder. I'm not really sure what analogy I'd feel comfortable using here...but you'll figure it out. In short, buy this game. Oh...not enough? How about the villain is a fetus in a jar wearing a suit and tie? And a top hat? And apparently he's a doctor. Need I say more?