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A game for real men

aleksSLO | July 4, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

well this game is true to its name, prepare to die since you will die, a whole lot. the whole point in this game is if you don't bring your a-game you will die, even to starting mobs when you are soul level 120+. there are so many ways in how you can play, almost anything can be made to work. the artwork is the best and when you see one of the many vistas the game has you will drop your jaw. basicaly this game is a perl on the market, once there is a sale get it without hesitation, heck even the 40 bucks are worth it. oh yah i forgot to mention, you have 2 sides of the game and that is undead when you can't get any help and are basicaly alone and some npcs avoid you and you can offer some humanity to become a human once again and you can then get invaded (yes other players come to hunt you) or you invade or you summon helping spirits for particularly hard bosses etc.. well the downside to this game is only the interface that is made for consoles not the pc and the keyboard does a poor job (keys all over the place untill you arange them) compared to a controller, so if you have a controller dont even try using the keyboard with this game.