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one of the best RPGs to date!

alexio101 | July 7, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls v Skyrim - PC DVD

Bethesda did it again. They are the company that produce the best RPGs, the leveling up system and class creation (if you can call it that) are magnificent, they dont hold you down but let you become your own character. the graphic are beautiful on aging consoles and with the mods on PCs the graphics are first rate, they immerse you in to Skyrim. the game play flows beautifully from wielding magic in one hand and a sword in another to quickly changing to a bow and arrow. I believe the system works nicer on a control and it can be seen from the inventory system that maybe it was but thats just my opinion. the story is fantastic, a true fantasy epic for the elder scrolls series. With this in mind i do believe the world feels slightly small (this is only because morrowind is one of my favorite games) and i believe that the story could have been expanded. My final issue is with the DLC or lack of it, especially with the amount of avenues they could have followed with the story. However this is a great game, one that everyone should experience, one that cant be looked over. its a thrilling ride even after 100 hours in.


Love RPGS, then this is a MUST buy

alexio101 | July 7, 2013 | Review of Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition - Xbox 360

To start this is a great game, but quite different to fallout 3. The story allows more choice for the player to follow very different paths but still retains it great story. the story remains engaging throughout. The gameplay is very similar to that of fallout 3 with no major changes, which for me personally is good. While slightly clunky compared to most shooters it does not matter to me. The downside is the graphics with some glitches here and there and it just looks outdated not being able to handle some of the components. However overall this is a great game and a must buy for any console or PC offering an RPG experience like no other.