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games along with cell shading

alkimista | July 10, 2011 | Review of Borderlands - PC

I know it came out a lot, but recently I have it. The game is very good, reminds me of the style far cry 2, kill, kill, kill, but here that serves something (experience, money and equipment). - Graphics good, with a cartoon style that separates it from the realism of the COD or Battlefield. It's like a cartoon fallout. - Many quests, leveling, money, freedom, driving ... very entertaining - The world is divided into huge tracts, and only loads when moving from one area to another. - No history, I do not distinguish primary and secondary missions, and I see no connection between them ... - The characters keep the experience forever, in all game modes. - Strongly Castilian, with a doubling of good quality. And the best MULTIPLAYER LUXURY! You can play the entire game in co-op split screen, and it is not necessary to go two together, you can go every man for himself.