Reviews by alphaprospector


The true over the top Hollywood blockbuster

alphaprospector | Dec. 14, 2013 | Review of Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death - PC

Marlow Briggs is essentially a fusion of God of War, Indiana Jones/adventure movies and bits of your typical AAA gaming, complete with "dat AAA feel" and all. But there is a catch: the game comes at an affordable prices and knows what it is, so it just plays along with things ludicrously. Logic is kicked to the stratosphere in exchange for so much action on top of action that goes over the ACTION straight into more action that by the time you finish the game you are left wanting more. It's a breath of fresh air in an ambience full of super pretty, colourful set pieces. What can I say, give it a try and enjoy the ride, it's just so over the top you cannot just but love it! Recommended!


Prepare to put over 100 hours

alphaprospector | Dec. 8, 2013 | Review of Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition NA - PC

Oh man, this game. I double dipped, first here buying it day one and then on retail, getting all the goodies. Yes, it's the kind of game you double dip. Triple dip and more. While it's unfortunate the PC release is nothing short of a terrible port, thanks to the power of mods the game becomes even more playable. But make no mistake: Dark Souls is one of those Games of the Generation (c) Once you look past the specific details of the PC version and get into the mechanics, length, challenge, setting, everything comes together to bring one of the most awesome experiences I had in years. The game doesn't hold your hand, it throws you to a brutal, dark and grim world where everything is out there, trying to kill you. And what little friends you have only exacerbate the loneliness you feel as you traverse the ruined corridors of long-lost citadels and forests. So much is told with so little dialogue. That economy of words and lack of exposition and overly long cutscenes, QTEs and such is what makes this game so great: you ARE playing most of the time, that's what games should be! Not interactive movies. Anyway, not much else to say, just grab your armor, pick up your weapons of destruction and unveil the twisted mysteries that lie behind Lordran the Land of the Gods and its twisted time-altered existence. There is no way back.


Fantastic come back of the '90s space shooter!

alphaprospector | July 8, 2013 | Review of Strike Suit Zero - PC

It took over a decade to see the glorious return of the genre and, while the game had some rough spots upon release, most of its problems have been patched since. Strike Suit Zero brings the classic dogfighting of old and mixes it with some interesting lock-on and mecha combat to provide a nice and unique blend like I didn't play in years. This constant switching between fighter and Strike Mode is what makes the meat of the game, along with chasing high scores in the missions and experimenting with the multiple weapon loadouts. At its heart, it's an arcade game with touches of sim rather than a full blown simulator but, well, this trade off allows for an extremely fast paced action where you can be tracking 1 fighter then shifting to mech form and take down 20 of them, all while blasting at a capital ship. The backgrounds are extremely gorgeous and each screen looks like something you could almost frame and hang on your room. The Macross influences are extremely clear, just like the Homeworld feel thanks to its composer Paul Ruskay. All in all, while the game may not be for everyone due to its difficulty, it's a MUCH needed entry in the genre and a more than worthy comeback as a whole! I can only hope they'll keep doing this mixture of mecha and space shooting. Freaking love it!