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Atmospheric game

andymikel | May 29, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

Bioshock Infinite have a lot of really strong points. The graphical design in the game is absolutely amazing and the environments you are in are absolutely gorgeous. Not only that they also just oozes with the atmosphere that goes hand in hand with the Story. And the story is great and it contains a lot of interesting subjects and characters. The game also manages to tell its story through the environment and audio logs just as in the previous games in the series.The only complaint i have regarding the story is that it lacks player interaction both in general and in interaction with characters in the game. But this game is a first person shooter and you are going to spend the majority of your time shooting stuff. The exploring is still there from the previous games but its not as fleshed out in this game since there are less stuff to find and the maps are more linear. Now the shooting is alright. Its is by no means terrible buts its not especially good either. The enemies are unvaried and feels like bullet sponges which makes the whole combat feel dull and unresponsive. The two-weapon limit is a total buzzkill and it doesnt help that the weapons in the game is nothing out of the ordinary. The vigors can be quite enjoyable but the meat of the combat is the shooting which is not that great. There are also some quite annoying boss battles in the game. Now the railways in the game are fun to use and the big open combat arenas in the game with height differences, tears, railways and turrets are where the games most enjoyable fights takes place. Sadly too few areas are like this and the combat can never really escape the fact that the basics arent all that great. it doesnt help that the combat is quite unvaried. Its not that i wish for bloody turret-sections every hour to spice things up but if you are going to make the player constantly shoot stuff the entire game (took me 11 hours on hard) then the shooting should be good enough to carry the game. And in this case the combat is not able to do that. Its hard to rate this game since the combat is average while everything else is pretty much amazing. But i do recommend this game despite its problems simple because how well they managed to pull of the everything besides the combat.