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Is not a simple shooter

angel_zmz | June 11, 2013 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

This is the first Spec Ops I play, and my impressions were good. Unlike as many think, not just another third person shooter military, Spec Ops offers a good story, better than many films of the same theme, with characters not as developed but equally interesting, the story has its corresponding twists, mysteries and even moments of tension. While it is true that the game does not offer much innovation to playtime, the gameplay is fun and comfortable, we have several weapons to use at home, and character movements (particularly at the zip). The graphics in my opinion are very nice, especially setting up the game while the game always shows mostly sand and ruined cities, all scenarios have very good detail, and are well designed. On the downside, would have been nice being able to use more than the environment, the idea of ​​using desert sand or water, would have been good if they just would have been possible to use it in many other situations. Finally, if you're looking for an action game and be entertained, and with a good story, Spec Ops The Line is your game.


How it all began...

angel_zmz | June 11, 2013 | Review of BioShock Overflow 1 - PC

After having played Bioshock Infinite, I wanted to re-experience the first Bioschok, see the differences, beyond the technological section. As is evident, the passing years will notice anything more to start the game, but going on what really matters. We have a game very similar and yet very different from most current. Bioshock, offers a very interesting plot, mysterious and haunting. We find ourselves nothing more to start in a plane crash, which leaves us in a lighthouse, which will lead us to investigate a strange underwater city. Thereafter, it is when the magic begins ... On paragraph technological and graphic of the game, Bioshock even today, is a game that does not look bad, control is very simple, easy to get used to and helps combats are very dynamic. We have a limited amount of weapons, basically one for each number on the keypad, but they are all very different from each other and all very helpful. The secondary characters, of which the majority of the time most hear only your voice, are all very interesting. Basically, we have a showcase title, which give us good hours of gameplay and we will keep it in our minds for long.


Waiting for Arkham Origins

angel_zmz | June 9, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year Overflow 1 - PC

I bought this game a few months ago, but today I finished recently. Not only is larger and varied than Arkham Asylum, has a more elaborate argument, with more villains, problems, and options than its predecessor. While graphically remains very similar to the previous game, is its large size which gives it great fun and replayability .. We will have all the gadgets of the previous game, and we will add more, will all the villains from the previous game (except the scarecrows) and we will add more, we will have all the challenges of the previous game, and we will add more. Anything else to add? It's a great game, whether you like superheroes, like if you do not like. Because in my opinion, is an amazing game, disguised as a Batman game. By the way, now added the "New Game +" to restart the game, with more difficulty, but with all the gadgets we had already gotten before, so there's no excuse not to replay :) Quizás se eche en falta mas innovación, con mejoras graficas, y mas movimientos, pero te aseguro que eso no lo hace un mal juego, en absoluto.


One of my best purchases, ever...

angel_zmz | June 9, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

What started as a simple shooter for several years, today is one of my favorite games and keeping a special place in my memory. Today, after 2 sets of Bioschok, I will talk about Bioshock Infinite. A game that raised my interest just released her first trailer, and gameplay too. After a long wait, I can say the wait was worth it, is more than just a shooter. It has a completely compelling story, in which you will be much more involved than before. The gameplay is adequate, let alone having to aim all the time with the look of the gun, to aim from the hip, with lots of comfort but that does not mean much more easily. No video footage, everything happens with the game engine, and always from the perspective of the protagonist, which gives you a much greater sense of immersion. While paragraph of weapons and powers, is smaller than in previous games, all are usable, comfortable and while not as remarkable as improvements in their previous games, are very useful. As for the graphics, it's a proper game. The scenarios are very viztosos, beautifully maintained, the sky looks great as does the city. The finish has great quality characters (special mention to Elizabeth) and everything develops with great fluency. If you like shooters, and adventures, do not hesitate to buy it. Which by the way, the game is nothing short.