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Continuation of the best game ever released on a superhero.

anonimokun | Dec. 30, 2012 | Review of Batman Arkham City Game of the Year (1) - PC

The game is very detailed, with beautiful graphics. The city manages to convey your gloomy weather and foul, besides having very striking environments. The combat system has improved a lot compared to the first game. There are many more combos in the game, now it is possible to use Batman's gadgets during fights. This provides many new aspects to the gameplay An almost perfect game, missed little to get there. And thanks to the Riddler challenges, which are much more challenging and compelxos, and the New Game + mode the replay factor is very high, useful fo you back playing after finishing the game.


not great, but not horrible

anonimokun | Dec. 30, 2012 | Review of Metro 2033 (1) - PC

The graphics are fantastic. Textures in great setting, characters well animated with motion capture, very realistic and frightening creatures, beautiful lighting, particle effects and smoke environment plus a very competent design. The gameplay is decent. You can not innovate in trying, but can enjoy the good variety of objectives. Set up a system that tries to include Stealth, Stealth and FPS but do not match due to the small field of vision as you have. Use of stealth is not required, but is always an option. Metro 2033 is a beautiful adaptation of a book for the games. I read the book and infelzmente, like in the movies, much has been cut, especially early in the game, leaving some events somewhat baseless. Still, the story remains a strong point in the game, plus the suspense and immersion provided, vai divetir all those who liked the rhythm of the game Half-Life 2 and the ambiance in the style Fallout 3.


Certainly one of the best of 2012

anonimokun | Dec. 25, 2012 | Review of Dishonored Nextway - PC

Dishonored is a game that hooks you from start to finish, for telling a story filled with conspiracies, and revenge at all costs, is a game that hooks you from the first minutes of the game to the final outcome. I confess that I saw a few games that a story so engaging. The elements of stealth is giving the touch of mastery to the game, rather, the icing on the cake Dishonored therefore play Rambo style here, at least for me, does not make much sense, but that grace has its outset. Here there is also absurd twists in the story and make it even more interesting. Who likes stealth vai delight from beginning to end, spending hours and hours trying so hard to accomplish that feat in the game. The elements of magic are required and innovative, making gameplay very fluid, despite having seen some of the elements included in other games. The arsenal is scarce, but essential, dosed just right, fundamental to accomplish stealth missions. The game gives you a certain freedom to realziar some made ​​without the need to fulfill issues, but at times becomes annoying, since what matters is the main plot. The end game is epic and there are two paths to choose from, the killing or the stealth, without anyone seeing you. The game allows you to it. That is, you pde be a real ghost, just depends on your skill. For those who liked Bioshock, you will love this game.


ITS OVER 9000 !

anonimokun | Dec. 24, 2012 | Review of Magicka - PC

When first seen Magicka on Steam, not imagined it could be something good or great. It seemed to be just one of several generic games that Steam sells low price. I was completely wrong. Magicka goes far beyond the generic, innovating and bringing comedy to the famous world of RPGs. In Magicka you are a mage who, following the orders of his teacher (and narrator practically the entire game), Vlad must help the king confront the evil forces following trip to Havindr. The story is generic as satire to RPGs, with various elements of comedy with references to 300, Monty Python and other famous movies. The staff of Arrowhead Game Studios has created a hilarious dialect for the characters, sounding something as disjointed as a viking drunk trying to speak English and German simultaneously.