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AK Reviews Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2

antikhaos | Nov. 9, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 - PC

--Story 6/10-- Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 continues the story from the last mission of the first game. You play as one of four survivors trying to escape a zombie plagued Berlin. Theres not much to say for story. Kill zombies, recover XYZ parts of broken vehicle, keep moving to safety. --Technical Graphics 8.5/10 [Played on Ultra 1080p, AMD 7870GHZ]-- Following Nazi Zombie Army and Sniper Elite V.2, NZA 2 makes liberal use of the X-Ray engine. The textures and models are stock standard for for the series, which is to say excellent but don't expect anything new. The game is well optimized and runs smooth on medium to high-end hardware. --Design 9.5/10-- The largest and most notible changes are in the design. The UI has also been slightly polished getting an update to colors that better suit the game. Levels are now more open yet clausterphobic leading to many well timed jump scares. The level design and archecture is phenominal more akin to hell on earth than to the scenes from previous game which had a more historal ambiant. New lighting and audio effects add to the tense atmosphere, where each lighning bolt creates a short noir effect and every empty stretch leaves you constantly looking over your shoulder. --Gameplay 7.5/10-- Once again gameplay remains very similar. Fend off a few spawning zombies as you make your way to the next objective. Hold the objective for a short period of time then move on. Fetch objects in larger areas to unlock or repair an escape route. The gunplay is the same as the previous game but with the nice addition of more hidden caches to find as well as a much needed secondary ammo box in safehouses. Hidden collectables once again make their return as well as a large amount of achievements to make multiple playthroughs more enjoyable. Single player is once again available but the game shines in two or more player Co-op. --Summary-- + Good atmosphere - Lack of any kind of story + Bang for your buck All in all NZA 2 is alot of fun with friends and well worth the budget price. The game can be played through in part or in a single sitting. Theres alot of hidden items, caches and acheviements to keep the game going. If you are a fan of zombie games this is deffinatly right for you.