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My personal favorite since AC2!

anxion | Nov. 24, 2013 | Review of Assassins Creed IV Black Flag - PC

I have been enjoying the AC series since from the beginning! I must admit I think the series has been going off the track after AC2. We had two sequels to AC2, that didn't really add anything new to the series, which is a shame, because the jump from the first AC game to the 2nd one was tremendous! They tried to do something new with AC3 by placing it in the American revolution and giving us a whole new protagonist! But sadly, too many bugs and a protagonist without charm made the game hard enjoy to its fullest. I went into AC4 with low expectations, but boy was I surprised how it turned out! You still got the old elements (like assassinating templars, helping out important historical characters.) but now they also offer a huge open world to sail around with on your ship! They've improved on the really fun naval combat from AC3, so you can now board and plunder enemy ships. Just living out the pirate life! You can spend an entire day just sailing around, plundering, discovering new islands, hunting for new treasure! Ubisoft got back into the game with this title!


Short, small, but fun.

anxion | Nov. 20, 2013 | Review of Oil Rush HD - PC

Finally a game on the famous Unigine. The engine has been mostly used for beautiful benchmarks to truly test the strength of your gaming rig, and this is no exception. There's physics in the water and the explosions are amazing, but visuals aside, it's a very small game. Not a complex RTS game at all, you got a few commands. So the game should be very appealing to a more casual audience. I wouldn't spend more than 10$/Euros on it, however. It's not a big game at all. It sorta falls back to the Uniengine benchmarking, you just got actually gameplay this time around.