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Best Sherlock Holmes game yet

aps_6687 | Aug. 4, 2013 | Review of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes - PC

Delayed, and finally released 3 years after the last game in the franchise - Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper - Frogwares strikes again with a detective story that grips you from the beginning (forgetting a very strange cutscene which only reveals it's relevance near the end) and never lets go. Full of twists and a true mystery, this is arguably one of the best Sherlock Holmes stories ever told - centred around the great detective's psyche. Set 10 years after the Jack the Ripper game, in 1898, Frogwares has once again presented a world faced with the hardships of the 19th century - issues such as famine are major parts of the plot, not to mention visiting areas such as Whitechapel it is clear to see how bad life was for these people. Graphics in the game are impressive for a low budget game such as this. It is clear that the team put in a great amount of effort to make the game pretty despite the limitations of their in-house engine. Facial animations are greatly improved from the last game in the series, for example it is clear when Mr. Holmes is evidently lying to move on a conversation. Voice acting is, as usual, a mixed bag but on the whole the major characters are voiced well and the soundtrack is amazing albeit a little repetitive. In conclusion, if you like Sherlock Holmes, detective/crime stories or adventure games, and haven't bought this game - buy it! Oh, and one last thing: Watson. God, he's annoying.


Fun vs Frustrating

aps_6687 | Aug. 4, 2013 | Review of Magrunner Dark Pulse - PC

Puzzle games should make sense. Something like should should rely on logic and a well designed game will interpret the majority of possible thought processes that could be going through the minds of its players. Maybe it's just me, but the puzzles in this game simply do not make sense and you'll need a tutorial or two to get through first time. On the plus side, the audio side of the game - that is voice acting, sound effects and music, are all brilliant. Graphics are good, the game is powered by the Unreal Engine 3. The game has an intriguing story based in the world of Cthulhu. Overall, Magrunner: Dark Pulse is a poorly designed game with illogical puzzles forcing the player to use tutorials or help sites to get the game finished. Graphics, music, voice acting and story is top-notch but unfortunately it has followed the trend of puzzle games that end up being significantly less good than the very clear inspiration.


A wonderful game

aps_6687 | May 21, 2013 | Review of Mars War Logs - PC

It's an indie game, so it's obviously not perfect. I went into it not expecting it to be. It's published by Focus Home Interactive, who I had known for previously published The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, yet another excellent indie game from Frogwares. This game, an Action RPG from Spiders Studio, puts the 'action' and 'role playing game' back into the genre by offering an interesting series which real quest variety - and side quests that affect the story in many different ways. Your decisions really do matter - and can affect whether a character lives or dies. It does have it's faults, yes, but you'll have so much fun while playing that you'll gladly forget them as you are engrossed by the story and the atmosphere of the world. This is a little known game that I would recommend to buy, as it is only £14.99 and it is an amazing game, much better than other AAA RPGs such as Skyrim in my honest opinion. It didn't try to be a huge 500 hour adventure, and, because of that, it remains interesting.