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Ignore the codbros

aqualibrium | June 8, 2013 | Review of Remember Me NA Post - PC

So I finished Remember Me yesterday and decided to take some time on a review. This is a spoiler free review. I absolutely loved this game. I thought I would – and I was super excited about it – but I will admit that to some extent the mixed reviews had me a bit worried. I bought it anyway, because fuck IGN. And I’m really glad that I did. Overall, there were a few things that I think could have been done better, but it was an amazing introduction to what I hope will be a series of games. After playing the game, I found some reviews (especially IGN’s) to be way too harsh on what were really tiny problems. Also, they were somewhat hypocritical and I’m not totally sure they quite knew what they wanted from the game. Criticism ranged from “combat was repetitive” (it’s really not if you do it right) to “the game is too short,” which I find somewhat contradictory. If the game was longer, wouldn’t it be even more repetitive? Anyway, a breakdown of what I loved and hated. I loved: Nilin. All of the characters were great – I also particularly loved Bad Request – but Nilin was especially well done. A female POC (and yes, she is a WOC) who wasn’t sexualized and was really badass while also being vulnerable? Yes. I think they struck the right balance between the two – Nilin was never a damsel in distress, but she had emotions and weaknesses. She’s also intelligent and asks questions when they need to be asked, which I found refreshing (some RPGs have the main character be so oblivious to others’ intentions that it’s annoying). The story. Some reviews criticized the linearity of the game, but I actually found it really perfect. There were enough side tasks (gathering information about the world, the scaramechs) that were integrated into the storyline to make it interesting while also keeping the story intact. The plot. Without spoilers, let me say that there were some things that definitely took me by surprise. I felt invested enough in many of the characters (Nilin, Bad Request) to care for their well-being. The remixes. These were absolutely amazing and new. Definitely a grey morality system here. There were some things I had to do that made me go “shit, that’s fucked up” but it also made sense. You did some terrible things for an ultimately good cause – it really did fall into an “ends justifies the means” category, which made it complex and deep. Combo changes. You can create your own combos and change them at any time, including in the middle of combat, which I did on major fights. This is what made the gameplay so interesting to me – and unlike several reviewers, I thought it kept the combat from feeling repetitive. The setting. Neo-Paris is incredible. The wealthy parts are utterly gorgeous, while the dark places are creepy and sadistic. It was perfect. Even better, one of the side things you can do is collect information on the world and the people in it, which made the game seem even more developed and complex. I didn’t love: The camera, sometimes. Most of the time, the camera was fine. Occasionally, however, it would go in weird angles. Bugs. The vast majority of the game was glitch-free, but there were a few moments where I had problems with the dialogue. That’s pretty much expected on release, though. Combat, kind of. Several people have mentioned difficulties with combat, though I didn’t see this outside of some of the major fights. I constantly changed my combos to suit what I needed at the moment, though, and I could see how it could be really difficult for those who don’t mess with them as much. I wanted to explore the setting more. Many reviews have mentioned that the game isn’t as interactive as they would have liked, and I agree. Neo-Paris was so incredibly beautiful that I kind of wish I had more options to wander around. My score: 9/10. To summarize, Remember Me is an amazing game with a great lead character. I’m glad I decided to buy the game despite the reviews, and I’m about to start my second playthrough now.


A rewarding risk

aqualibrium | June 7, 2013 | Review of Remember Me NA Post - PC

I really just don’t comprehend why everyone was ragging so hard on this game. Other than, y’know, racism and misogyny, because as much as that sounds like a “card” to pull…c’mon. It’s a fantastic game, so far. I know I’ve said that a lot, so here’s a break down of what I am and am not liking thus far (keeping in mind i’m about mid-point of episode 5): Negatives: Combo-style combat is somewhat difficult to time, especially if you’re not good at combos in general. if you WERE good with combos in old side-scrollers, this will probably be a lot easier. Camera often goes weird during combat, which can make it difficult to see. “easy” mode is more like mid-level mode for all other games. Seriously. I’m on the easiest mode there is and I’m still having to replay some of these larger fight sequences five to six times. Not for the easily frustrated! Healing primarily relies on combos, rather than any healing items. I kind of hesitate putting this as a negative, per se, because I also really like the lack of a needless inventory and item trawl. Positives: Totally linear storyline (thus far) without any of the fetch-quest, side-line bullshit of other RPGs. Very well fleshed out characters, even the minor ones, with utterly fantastic voice actors and animations. There’s a little bit of overly-exposition dialogue right at the very beginning, but it actually gets called out by one of the characters “IE, can you shut the fuck up, i don’t care right now, we have shit to deal with.” The rest of the info is very carefully metered through the story and I love that. Grey-moral worldview that isn’t overly hyped up. No self congratulatory talk here, but also a very deep story about moral choices in a world where there is no fully right answer. Normally I’m really, really picky about these because I tend to feel that most people actually write white-black morality and call it “grey,” but Remember Me is doing this well so far. A very intuitive interface that really didn’t need the whole introductory tool tip shit to be understood. Gorgeous atmosphere, that easily goes from sci-fi espionage to an utterly horrific creepfest. It’s a glorious game to play in the dark. The character designs. THE. CHARACTER. DESIGNS. Look up Tommy and you’ll understand what i’m talking about. Just look at him. ;laksjdf;ljdsfoijwalkds. I’ll find pictures and reblog him cause YES. Nilin. All the Nilin all the time, she’s wonderful and sassy and sweet while also being hardcore, and just ugh. <3 S CREW THE DUDEBRO GAMERS, THIS GAME RULES.