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A storyteller's paradise would be the perfect irony.

archisbhatt | Dec. 12, 2012 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

So you're a famous author who sets off to an eerie location with his wife to get some "creative" ideas only to get into a living hell. The game's intro says this best with its commendable narration. After progressing to the game's core, there are many things to be found that are alike no other horror game. Your character will narrate his feelings of certain locations and incidents you encounter from time to time - Which if played alone makes you feel YOU'RE Alan Wake. The superb soundtrack just adds to the emotions running through the character which will get down into you, making you desperate for getting back to the normal world. The graphics are amazing and some locations are jaw dropping. The developer has given some time to even make the characters look like the people they are in within. And in this game, every characters bring some kind of charm and even discomfort - Making the game an absolute treat. Considering the gameplay, some control mechanics for the PC port could've been improved. Getting spammed with too many possessed objects and fallen can be a huge pain to deal with. However if you have the correct weapon, some kills can be tremendously satisfying. The free DLC/added levels are something I really appreciated since I really wanted more of the eerie feel the game gave me - Till the very end. The game's performance can be an issue and you need a good card to enjoy the game to the fullest. This is one of the few games where you should enjoy every tiny detail the game has (The developer commentary in the Collector's Edition can be helpful if you want to learn more about the game).


A great zombie game and a good package overall.

archisbhatt | Dec. 12, 2012 | Review of Dead Island Game of the Year - PC

We all know the gaming industry has more zombie games than it bargained for. So as gamers it's for us to know which zombie game is actually fun to play and not just a simple "See zombie, shoot his brains out" game. Dead Island has captured the essence of the zombie apocalypse. If you have given enough time to the campaign by not getting frustrated over their "Go here to there" quests, you'd fall in love. It's obvious you're a survivor and you need to find a way out of the island fast, but this game doesn't simply rely on this. Through the campaign, you meet many other fellow survivors who need your help from time to time - And you can decide on whether to help them or not. Though these side quests of helping others can be boring, you'll get rewarded with cool stuff in the end - Which is always cool if you want to use it for your zombie killing ways. The feature of modding your own weapons is satisfying and fun. Watching a zombie getting his entrails removed, electrocuted, burned, etc is what you should expect! However some weapons are too brittle and they need repair from time to time. Banoi as an island has some beautiful tropical scenery, along with a city that resembles a dump. However the varied environments are a pleasant change which really helps over the game's repetitive nature. A major flaw in the game would be the characterization. None of the characters in your squad aren't impressive enough. You wouldn't feel an emotional attachment to any character in the game as every character is either a coward seeking for help or someone who doesn't care if innocent survivors die. Speaking of the DLC, it's good Deep Silver included them in an affordable GOTY edition since they weren't worth their full price. The Bloodbath Arena DLC is something that should have been included in the original game at the first place since it just pits you against waves of zombies in 4 sub-par maps. The Ryder White DLC is extremely short and it really doesn't offer anything more than show a FEW moments of the game's main campaign through the antagonist's perspective (They have even stripped the leveling up and upgrades feature). The Ripper DLC is the only thing I really had fun with as it does a good job in slicing those zombies. Overall the game is extremely fun to play, and for the whole package there is no reason to think twice!


Simple but addictive.

archisbhatt | Dec. 12, 2012 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

Tremendous gore is one thing any gamer would ask for when it comes to shoot em up games. And this game doesn't disappoint! The logic behind the game is pretty straightforward: You are pitted against waves of mutated zeds/creatures and all you have to do is kill them. In the end of every wave you get to buy new weapons or perhaps replenish your existing one's. So the actual feel of this game would remind you very much of Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike. However this game was derived from a mod. So if you have played the UT2004 mod (Of the same name), you might think this should be cheaper or free to play. But for the effort put by Tripwire in this game, and the events they organize every year - You will get more than your money's worth. The multiplayer component doesn't dissapoint - There are always a good number of servers online with players in them. And don't expect this to die anytime soon since TripWire is doing their job in keeping the game alive.