Reviews by arseniquez


Good Game

arseniquez | Nov. 3, 2013 | Review of How to Survive - PC

When I see this game announce to pre-order.I think "Survival Zombie game again?".I'm very bored about Zombie game I guess it too much and many zombie title games in the market.And all of them is not difference gameplay. After I see video about gameplay in this game.I change my mind and purchase it.It's the good gameplay system survival game. The big point to make me purchase this game is gameplay system that you can mix item to craft the weapon and armor such as gun , boomerang ,axe , armpad , armor . if you change some part that make your gun make more damage. Skill tree in this game is can choose your skill to make you play easier such as less hungry,less thirsty , make more motolov,ignite ETC.The quest and sidequest in this game are good.They're not too easy or too hard and has many thing to do. After I finished this game with Kenji I meet the bad point in this game that I don't like is some weapon can make a big damage to zombie.If you can crafted it, the game is easier than usual ( that I hope the developer will adjust this again when the full game is come)


Amazing Open World Game in Hong Kong

arseniquez | Oct. 12, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC

If you like the game as GTA Series , Assasin Creed ,You will like this awesome game,too. It's had good mission and story ( if you're Hong Kong Mafia movie's fan.but If not,it's just fine). The fast combat and upgrade combat system is make this game better than GTA ( because I feel GTA IV combat system is too slow) included Driving System is great,too You can spent more 20-30 hours to end all missions and events in this game. It's worth for your money. but I minus 5 ratings because this game is just Single Player only.I think it will be better if this game can play Co-op or Multiplayer as Saints Row Third.