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GTA 3 is a milestone game worth playing just because of that

artigkar12 | May 28, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto III Steam - PC

This game became a phenomenon when it originally came out. Inspiring lots of other games (especially the open world genre as a whole). At first you might think that this game was basically just GTA 2 put into a 3D world, but that would be a bit incorrect. Unlike the older 2D GTA games this one had a city that you could go back and forth seamlessly (well, with a short load screen) doing whatever you want. In previous games you had to earn money to a certain goal and then you could advance to the next section, but you couldn't go back. In this game however you do missions set by a story to advance and open up areas of the city. And that is one of the major differences to the old games as well, the story played a bigger role. You still play a mute guy doing jobs for various gangster criminal people though. The game has a lot of cheesy humour like the two first games, it has radio stations just like GTA 2. But this time you have a lot more choice with your radio stations and can even load up your own custom soundtrack (in the PC version, dunno about consoles) in one of the radio stations. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this game at release, I remember in the local press where I live politicians were disturbed by how you could kill and maim random people on the streets in this game. I think that, yes you could do that, even getting some ingame money for it. But its not the main goal of the game or really the point. The point to the game is to be this sandbox (a term often used about this kind of openworld game) where you do whatever you want. Not interested in the story? You can still do quite a bit before you are forced to follow the story to open the rest of the city. Had no problems with this game on Windows 7, but your mileage could vary on this one.


The second best Batman game ever made

artigkar12 | May 28, 2013 | Review of Batham Arkham City - PC

So this game is the sequel to Arkham Asylum which was the best Batman game ever made (IMO). This game is mostly the same, gameplay wise, as the first game. But it has added a couple of new things, most notably a more open world environment (arkham city has a bigger and more open overworld). This open evironment only comes into play in the outside areas of Arkahm City, but in reality its just a hub where once you enter one of the indoor areas it plays very similarly to how Arkham Asylum does. This is not a really bad thing though, since they have lots of side missions for you to do outside and gliding around the city is fun in its own way. The other new thing is that you occasionally will play Catwoman who plays a bit differently. She uses a whip to get around places instead of the grappling hook that batman uses. The game is still the wonderful rhythm based brawler with metroid inspired exploration/progression that the original game was. But honestly this game was a little too much I think, unlike the original I was not compelled to seek out all of the riddler trophies and such. I was content with just finishing the story, which is good and worthwhile playing through. Game doesn't really look much better than the first game, but that is just nitpicky since the original is still quite good looking. Note: I see that this version doesn't require Steam. With that said the version I played was the steam version, which supports steamworks achievments on top off the GFWL requirement. So you get double the achievments which is kinda funny.


Arguably the best Batman game ever made

artigkar12 | May 24, 2013 | Review of Batman Arkham Asylum Steam - PC

This game is pretty good. Even if you are not a fan of Batman there is a good chance that you will like this. The only fault I can think of with this game is the GFWL (Games For Windows Live) requirement. For some that will be a huge negative and for these people I say that you should consider the console versions as a possible alternative if you have a PS3 or xbox 360. Now why would I do that? Because I think this is a game really worth checking out at least once. The rhythm based fighting mechanic, the metorid/catlevania SOTN inspired progression to the game (places are unavailable to you early on until you get equipment that opens it up), the really done stealth mechanics. None of the stuff that is being done in this game is unique, but they are really well done here and for a license game that is not something you often see. The game also has these Riddler trophies that pad out the gameplay, I honestly thought it was fun to do these so I did all of them within the game. But I did not bother with the Challenge room stuff after spending over 20 hours on the game. Game looked amazing when it came out in 2009 and still holds up. The "detective vision" that Batman has been criticized for being too useful, but honestly I thought it was a minor flaw.


Decent game, but not as good as the amiga originals

artigkar12 | May 24, 2013 | Review of Alien Breed 2 Assault - PC

Team 17 made some quite brilliant games on the Commodore Amiga (most notably the original Alien Breed series, also the original Worms). That company is sadly a shadow of its former self and has been focused on releasing tons of Worms games (that honestly peaked with the 1999 release of Worms Armaggedon). And then these new Alien Breed games came along and they were actually quite decent, though I don't feel they are quite as good as the original Alien Breed 2 (unfortunately never released outside of the Amiga in 1993) and Tower assault (1994). With that said they are quite decent in their own right, there is even more story in these then the old games eventhough the story isn't the main draw here. I have only played this one and not number 1 and 3 in the modern trilogy, but I imagine that they are similar in gameplay in that you play from a top down perspective killing monsters, have limited ammo (though there is a weak pistol with infinite ammo IIRC) and items. There are terminals where you can buy more ammo and such just like the amiga games and there are objectives (and a robot lady giving you directions). Game has few levels, but they last quite a while. With that said the game is short overall. Sound effects are ok. Music is kinda forgettable, but at the very least fits the mood for the most part (intensifying in really heavy enemy encounters and so on). The game has Two player support, but have not tested it. From what I could tell it was not local multi like the amiga games, but over internet.


An exellent return to form for Lara Croft!

artigkar12 | May 20, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider Anniversary - PC

Legend was honestly pretty alright, but it still wasn't quite there yet I felt. Fortunately this game came out afterwards and managed to return a bit of that old awesomeness from the original tomb raider 1+2 while updating the graphics and (most importantly) the annoying controls from the original game. Yes, this is a remake of the original Tomb Raider (for PC, Playstation and Saturn). This means that if you played that one, a lot will seem kinda familiar at least in tone. But with that said, there are some things which I did not like with this version. Specifically that they made that last area right before the boss way harder in this version than in the original game. Thought that was a really unneeded change there. If you haven't played a tomb raider game before, its basically a platformer with puzzles (hit that lever and wonder what it did, oh cutscene shows something opened, lets go see what that was, oh my god a death trap puzzle with fire breathing thingys and poles and water and... you are maybe getting the point now) and occasional shooting action usually with dual pistols. The action is decent (way better than the stuff in the original games), but honestly the platforming and puzzles is the main draw of this game.


A rather strange and demented version of Alice in Wonderland

artigkar12 | May 19, 2013 | Review of Alice Madness Returns - PC

This is a really beautiful looking platformer, from a technical standpoint the pretty wild hair on Alice was impressive. With that said this game shines in the art direction. The varied and (honestly) quite bizarre looking levels in this game is alone worth playing through to see. The story is quite interesting and is told through flashbacks to events that has happened and sometimes you even play the real world stuff (not wonderland). Alice has gotten quite insane after her parents were killed in a fire, she is drifting back and forth between the real world and her fantasy world called Wonderland. The story in the game is quite interesting (at least it gets more interesting towards the end), not gonna spoil any of it. But I will mention that the game has some dark stuff in there, lets just say there is some quite disturbing exploitation of orphaned kids in the story and leave it at that. The gameplay is third person platforming with some hack and slash and even a bit of gears of war style shooting (with the one weapon, don't worry its just the perspective. It won't suddenly turn into yet another coverbased shooter). It is occasionally broken up by minigame sections, often its a 2D sidescrolling perspective type thing (in one of the worlds, the japanese inspired one, the 2D minigame is quite interesting). As far as why this game isn't getting a full score... I felt that this game had a couple of tedious platforming sections (not many, but still) and the enemy variety often leaves something to be desired. I mean the black goo with the creepy doll face variants, while makes sense in context of the story, gets pretty old by the time the game is close to its end. Fortunately its not just that enemy type all the time. NOTE: I played the steam version of this game, it probably doesn't differ much from the origin version being offered here. Except for it being on Origin that is.


Lots of guns, lots of midgets with masks and skags

artigkar12 | May 4, 2013 | Review of Borderlands - PC

This game was quite fun to play through. With that said, if it wasn't for the loot lust that the game gives you and coop this game would have not been as good as it actually is. In other words this is a game best played with friends. There is one unfortunate caveat with the PC version though in that area, it uses Gamespy for multiplayer, meaning you have to make a account for it separate for steam (if that is the version they are selling here, the GOTY edition was steam as far as I know). Steam version does support some steamworks features that it didn't at original release BTW, steam cloud saves and achievments. The game can still be fun playing alone, at least for a while, the environments (mostly desert) becomes kinda bland after a couple hours (though there is some snowy areas towards the end) and the bosses in this game is although cool looking (at least that one, the "rakki hive" (?) they aren't that fun to fight against. Especially the last boss is terrible in this regard.