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I can't believe I fell for this

artixerix | July 9, 2014 | Review of Enemy Front - PC

It was supposed to be a dramatic game about WW2 and Warsaw Uprising, but we got a mediocre shooter with poor AI (you can literally sneak past some levels because of blind german soldiers) and some differences between what's in game and what really happened - like mission in France where we get Panzerfaust. Developers screwed that part badly - Mission is set in 1940 when first Panzerfaust prototypes were made in 1942/1943. That's it for realism. Now we're going to Warsaw Uprising. Sewers are big, clean, light is everywhere, no need to crouch in the to get through...complete bullshit. There are also some good things about that game, like recreating "Thunderbolt" - homemade submachine gun used by insurgents in-game. And that's the only thing that caught my eye in game. And maybe France itself, it is beautiful there. Too beautiful to believe there's a war in there. But it is not worth that money, wait for a good sale to happen, at least 50% off.


Julius Caesar or Marcus Junius Brutus?

artixerix | July 9, 2014 | Review of Dark Souls II Post - PC

I came to Dark Souls 2 thinking "Oh god, I'll die again". Wasn't disappointed. 7 deaths in first 30 minutes told me that I'm terrible at this game. But it worth the money? Damn right it was. It gave me a better Dark Souls experience than the first one. Port is a lot better than the first DS, but still - it lacks something. Another thing - graphics. All the nice features were removed before the release, so don't count on beautiful game. You'll get a slightly more polished Dark Souls 1. But we're not for the graphics here, are we? Gameplay is almost the same as Dark Souls 1 - dodge, dodge, block, parry, hit, repeat. Nothing new, except some small changes to controls and now weapons can be wielded in different styles when dual wielding them. In the end...I think it's worth getting. Want good Dark Souls experience? Go for it.


Tries to beat the original. Tries.

artixerix | July 9, 2014 | Review of Wolfenstein The New Order POST - PC

I got myself this game and tought "It could be fun". I played it for a while (18 hours) and here's what I can tell - game could be a little bit longer and harder. 9 hours for a game many people waited for and had expectations? Please. I completed it twice. Second thing - first big choice you make in game. It has no impact on whole game, except one different character, lockpicking/hotwiring is mainly the same and the biggest change that has actual impact on gameplay is the kind of bonus you are going to collect. but this game has also some great things, like soundtrack. I mean, re-recording hits in is so fitting for the universe. And dual-wielding sniper rifles. Also, graphics is great. Very detailed textures and even on lowest settings game looks amazing. Next thing...weapons. There should be more. 2 variants of pistols and sub-machine guns (depends on level only...), a sniper rifle, heavy laser minigun looted from soldier's corpse and Laserkraftwerk. If we count in weapon mods, multiply it by 2 and substract 3. I expected a lot more. Get it on a good sale. Or wait for price to drop down. If you waited for it for that long - you can wait a little bit longer.


Another adventure on Pandora...

artixerix | July 9, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition - PC

Borderlands 2 is a great sequel to first Borderlands. For me it was an instant purchase when I saw it, but I waited to get GOTY. And it was worth the wait. GOTY contains all DLCs released up to date except additional skins and Headhunters packs. The base game itself is pretty huge. The world is filled with side-quests and places to loot. And DLCs add even more stuff to loot. And more guns. Yay. So quick, buy it, grab your sword-shooting shotgun and go on an adventure!