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A Great Return to the Roots

aslam206 | Nov. 21, 2013 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

The 2D platforming is smooth and fast, both key characteristics of classic sonic platforming. The 3D platforming has a great cohesive feel, the animation is fluid and the "tactile" responsiveness make it great. This game rewards fast reaction times and has upgrades all over the place making it a great game to play over and over. The level designs are also top notch, I wish I could say this about all the other sonic games that have come out in the past. The replayability is another factor as there are multiple ways to end the level, and finding all the small secrets are nice and help you explore the area. There are a few item upgrades for both modes so that also keeps it refreshing. My main problem though is you still lose that sense of momentum in the 2D mode too often. They need to work on that, you get this jarring sense of disconnect when you hit a wall or get hit by an enemy and rebuilding that momentum takes time. However the game is still great even with these small issues.