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A solid twin stick shooter

asmalllemon | Feb. 10, 2013 | Review of Chrono Rage - PC

Chrono Rage is nothing new here but the artistic style and great game feel is something to be impressed by. It follows the traditional conventions of any old twin stick shooter where everything is out to kill you and it's your job to eliminate all that stands in your way. Graphically the game is solid with a modern 8-bit look with vibrant colours that pop out of the screen. The enemies are very reminiscent of old arcade games like Galaxian and Space invaders and offers that arcade vibe that we just don't see in game anymore. Controls are intuitive and solid with an option to use just the keyboard, or switch to a keyboard and mouse setup. Both control methods are fine and work as they should. The sound in this game is awesome with a wonderful soundtrack that adds to the experience. The overall sound effects are satisfying which adds to the game feel and to the overall excitement that this game offers. The only criticism I can find with this game is that sometimes levels are just too easy and can sometimes drag on just a bit, but there are different game modes to spice up the game play. Overall this game is a traditional twin stick shooter done right and is very fun to play. It's nice to see that indie developers take inspiration from old arcade games and note that great graphics and a complex story isn't needed to make a great game. I really like this game and I believe to be a must buy. 8/10