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probably the best storyline in a shooter

asume4 | Dec. 13, 2012 | Review of Spec Ops The Line - PC

when you first start the game you may think that it is just a generic shooter, but it is more than that, i can't go into full detail because it better to experience it yourself, the shooting is solid with lots of choice of weapons, you have 2 teammates to help you out in combat, moral choices throughout the game that changes the storyline, and you start to see the phycological effects of war take its toll on the player, the game is intended to make the player uncomfortable in certain parts and does not glamorize war, the game has multiple endings which adds replay value to the campaign. the multiplayer is very similar to call of duty in terms othis gamef loadouts and perks, one thing that does stand out in the multiplayer is that there are certain areas of the map that the player can shoot at and release sand onto a enemy, killing him, the multiplayer isn't innovative but is solid. overall this the singleplayer is amazing and sets a new standard for shooter storylines but the multiplayer is more of the same. i highly reccomend this game