Reviews by atze_md


Dead Island Rip-off

atze_md | May 4, 2013 | Review of Dead Island Riptide Standard - PC

Yes you read right, I'm calling this a rip-off. It should have been released as a 15-20 $ stand-alone expansion in my opinion. Don't get me wrong this game is not a complete fail, and I really enjoyed part 1 when it came out. It also had a lot of flaws and therefore, I expected so much more from it's predecessor. Sadly I was let down in almost every point. The gameplay isn't improved at all, same for the graphics. I guess that also depends on personal preferences a bit, but I liked the tropical island setting from part 1 much more, than the dark setting in Riptide. The only real improvement that comes to my mind are the new weapons. I would only recommend this to fans of part 1. If you are new to the series and wanna give it a try, get the first one! Overall I can give this game a 55 only.


A good simulator

atze_md | May 4, 2013 | Review of Train Simulator 2013 - PC

Well I'm not really into trains, but I like simulators in general and a friend recommended this game to me. First I was a bit scared by all the DLC, but the base game was available for a reasonable price, so I thought why not give it a try. First thing I noticed, it wasnt rly playable with a controller alone. Okay, a train has many levers and things to press, I can live with that. It is okay to control everything with mouse only. The graphics are quite fancy for a simulator. Nothing astounding though. Now the gameplay... Well, it's a very good and accurate simulator. But I think it isn't my kinda of game cause I got bored pretty fast by it. Overall I rate this a 79. Good simulator, but quite boring and an overwhelming amount of overpriced dlc.