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Could have been so much more....

austin585 | July 7, 2013 | Review of Remember Me NA Post - PC

First off when I seen this game on a trailer I thought how magical it looked. All the good features I liked in games all mashed together to make this with graphics to die for! Then came the day it was released and I cried. As soon as I started playing I could tell right away this game just isnt finished. Far to many bugs which ruin the gameplay, if its not the camera going crazy it the controls. then if you do finally get to grips with it and see passed all the errors theres another HUGE flaw..... the hit system!! you see this game works like a beat them up, the more of a combo you manage to build the better you get and the more you advance. But with this there is no give. Your there in a room full of enemies and your blasting them away, beating them to a pulp, your combo is going through the roof and your on fire... then BOOM!!! Someone gives you a little dig in the back, and your back to nothing. You seen it coming from a mile off, but with the contols and the camera theres nothing you could have done about it so your ruined and VERY angry. In fact thats what this game does... makes you VERY angry. Maybe me being harsh after expecting so much more but hey... its my review. I hope Im wrong and someone does like it... not me!