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New to the genre? Cursory overview from a fellow noob.

bandale | Oct. 23, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown ANZ - PC

Besides an hour of civ 4 I am a complete greenhorn to turn based strategy so I was apprehensive to delve into a game I had always heard of being intense strategy. I was wrong to worry (bear in mind I played on easy) the game has an above average (read: not great) tutorial system in the early missions that gave enough of the basics to not die instantly, and after some trial or error and reading all of the descriptions I was a some what competent commander amassing a formidable army to stomp alien butt. Now that your noob fears are assuaged lets talk game play. It was a surprisingly good game, at least it was better than I thought games of the genre would be, it's incredibly moreish on multiple occasions I told myself just 1 more missions. With the positive aside I hit a wall 6 hours in where I felt I was doing the same missions over and over in a gaming groundhog day, defeat a downed UFO here collect a VIP there go back to base assign new research start scanning and wait to go attack another group of creepy thin men. As an aside its at least engaging enough that when you set up for a shot 4 ft away and your soldiers misses you hate the entire alien species and quit out of the game on the spot. In conclusion if you enjoy turn based strategy why are you waiting until now to play this game? If you are new to this genre as I was the second you see this game on sale pick it up it is a genuinely fun although at times aggravating game to start your turn based strategy career.